10 Things You Should Know About Medical Deliveries in Fort Worth

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Tue, Apr 30, 2019 @ 09:00 PM

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Medical deliveries can be complex matters of transportation. From STAT deliveries to organ transportation, there’s a lot that goes into moving healthcare supplies and lab specimens throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. As a customer searching for medical deliveries in Fort Worth and Dallas, you don’t need to know every tedious detail (that’s what the experts are for!). But you should know a few basic things about your medical transportation.


We’ve got the highlights right here:


  1. Medical transport should only be handled by a licensed professional. In order to move sensitive medical items and records, a courier must be trained and certified in HazMat, HIPAA, and OSHA regulations. Failure to adhere to these laws could result in fines and even imprisonment!
  2. Temperature regulation is sometimes necessary. Blood samples, for example, need to remain at 33- 42 degrees Fahrenheit, while plasma should be stored at -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Organs require strict temperature control, or they can be rendered useless to their recipients. If you have sensitive medical items, chances are, temperature regulation will be necessary.
  3. Sometimes they’re scheduled. Weekly routes make up a large number of medical deliveries in Fort Worth. Couriers can transport everything from pharmaceuticals to lab specimens multiple times a day or week. This option offers dependable delivery windows to streamline the healthcare process for patients and providers.
  4. Sometimes they’re urgent. Healthcare isn’t always predictable. For STAT medical deliveries, an on call courier is available to move items 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, with no time to waste.
  5. Couriers transport the large stuff. A one-stop-shop medical courier is able to move your large medical items, as well. Think: examination tables, office furniture, lab equipment, even machinery! A straight truck or box truck equipped with a lift and an experienced driver make large medial deliveries in Fort Worth and Dallas a cinch.
  6. And the small stuff. Sure, we have the large items covered, but when you have small, ultra-fragile, or personal items, a courier can assist with that, as well. With the right vehicle, always maintained and available, and the perfect courier to operate it, your medical deliveries, big and small are in great hands.
  7. Long distance options are available. The DFW Metroplex is a hotbed for healthcare, but sometimes medical deliveries need to make their way outside of the Metroplex to hospitals and labs far away. Other times, specimens or records need to travel from far away into North Texas. Custom critical medical deliveries are available from experienced couriers like Dallas Courier. Your stuff travels long distances quickly, with no consolidation and no hand offs.
  8. Tracking keeps you up to date. When you have important medical deliveries in DFW, it can be a matter of life and death. Knowing exactly where your delivery it at any time in the delivery process gives you peace of mind and accuracy.
  9. Medical deliveries aren’t always lab specimens and medications. Medical deliveries also include paperwork, like lab results and patient records. This information is still protected under HIPAA, which means a trained medical courier needs to transport it.
  10. Medical deliveries can be dangerous. Many medical deliveries in DFW include bio hazardous material. That’s why medical couriers have special training and biohazard spill kits.


You don’t have to know it all. In fact, if you only remember one thing about medical deliveries in DFW, it’s this: leave it to the experts.


The expert couriers of Dallas Courier have been transporting your medical supplies and lab specimens, among other things, for over 35 years. There's no better team that ours to move your time and temperature sensitive healthcare deliveries throughout DFW and beyond. Contact us today!