5 Ways to Save on your Next DFW Delivery Service

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Nov 06, 2018 @ 03:08 PM

Eagle Express, DFW Delivery ServiceLet’s be honest. Delivery services in DFW are completely necessary. I mean, with a booming medical industry, aviation and auto manufacturing plants popping up everywhere, and 22 Fortune 500 companies in the DFW Metroplex alone, there is a huge need for professional couriers.


But just because something is necessary doesn’t mean it should cost you an arm and a leg. That’s not how a great delivery service in DFW works. There are ways to have your cake and eat it, too. Sometimes, with a food distribution delivery, this is phrase is quite literal.


The next time you are in need of a DFW delivery service, consider these 5 ways to save:


  1. Schedule your delivery- There are times when urgent deliveries can’t be avoided, but they’ll cost you. To avoid higher delivery fees, schedule your deliveries in advance whenever possible. You’ll get the peace of mind knowing your items are taken care of well in advance, and you can always double check the progress of your delivery via GPS tracking and live updates, if your courier is up to date on the latest technology.
  2. Use the right service- Couriers offer a variety of specialty services, including temperature control and white glove delivery. But if your items don’t require these types of special handling, don’t pay for them! If you’re unsure about which delivery service best suits your items, an expert courier can assist you with choosing the right service to meet your needs.
  3. Shop around- Second and third opinions are wonderful things to seek out. It’s ok to shop around until you find a delivery team that feels like a winner to you. Nowadays, just about anyone can be a courier. So it’s worth it to ask questions, find out your couriers’ licensure and training, and ask for a free quote on your service.
  4. Bundle up- If you have multiple items that need to go to a location, consider a box truck service that can take it all at once. Or, talk to your courier about options that involve multiple services, like warehousing and fulfillment, as well as final mile delivery.
  5. Get it right the first time- Of course, if you’re talking about cost, you have to consider what it will cost you to recover a damaged delivery, or lose a customer due to an untimely delivery. Your best bet is to get it right the first time. Even if initial costs seem higher, paying a little more for quality service is always the right choice.


Here at Eagle Express, we’re proud to offer you fair prices for superior service. When you hire Eagle, you’re going to get what you pay for. We strive for honesty and integrity in every one of our delivery services. That means as an Eagle customer, you’re given honest quotes on your service and accurate arrival estimates. We boast a 98% on time rate for deliveries, which means you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your item will make it in the hands of your customers.


Remember- it’s great to save some cash on your deliveries, but quality service and peace of mind are priceless.


If you’re ready to partner with an expert delivery team, contact Eagle Express today. With 24/7 live customer service and free quotes, what do you have to lose? Other than the stress and pressure of making your own DFW deliveries, of course!