Facts About DFW Food Distribution That You Might Have Missed

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, May 09, 2019 @ 02:54 PM

Eagle Express, DFW Food DistributionFood transportation in Texas can be a tedious process. The recent Food Safety Modernization Act strictly regulates how couriers move food, and with good reason. Here in Texas, there are millions of residents and hundreds of thousands of locations that are the recipients of food delivery. That makes for a lot of customers…and a lot of room for error.


Thankfully, a professional DFW food distribution team can ensure that your food deliveries make it from start to finish safely and efficiently. With regulations so strict, temperatures so unruly, and customers out the wazoo, hiring a professional to complete the job of transporting food is highly recommended.


Before you begin the process of vetting couriers for your DFW food distribution needs, you should know a few things. Here are a few important facts about food transportation:


They can be hot and cold.

Sure, temperature can be held at a constant temperature, or even three constant temperatures with our tri-temperature controlled straight trucks. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. Refrigerated deliveries and move at urgent speed when necessary- which means your cold items can become hot shot cold deliveries. (See what we did there?)


A delivery team with on demand ability and a variety of vehicles on hand can move your temperature sensitive items at the drop of a hat. Whether in the dead of winter or the blistering heat of summer, your items stay at just the right temperature.


Food deliveries cover a wide range of products.

Food is food, right? Wrong. DFW food distribution is widespread, meeting the varying needs of customers all throughout the Metroplex, and even beyond. Here are just a few of the products our food couriers deliver:


  • Raw fish for high dollar sushi
  • Prepared foods for convenience stores
  • Produce straight from the farm
  • Catered menu items for events
  • Food testing lab deliveries
  • Seasonal items unique to holidays, like lamb, turkeys, and those bricks people call fruitcake

Food distribution in DFW allows residents to enjoy local treats and out of town delicacies, while also keeping chain restaurants and Mom and Pop shops stocked.


Route deliveries assist in inventory management.

Restaurants rely on having just the right amount of product to reduce food waste, maximize profits, and keep customers happy. Restauranteurs have the option to set up a routine delivery schedule, ensuring that certain products are always in stock. Thanks to the great flexibility of Eagle Express, if more stops need to be added, or more frequent routes need to be run, it’s possible to change the delivery schedule to suit the needs of the customer.


There are times, though, when an unpredicted event occurs that can affect inventory. At that point, a food courier like Eagle Express is available for an on demand, urgent delivery. These special pick-ups take some of the stress out of an otherwise incredibly demanding situation.


3rd Party Food Logistics is for All Kinds of Customers.

Products vary throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, and so do customers. Food logistics isn’t limited to mega commercial restaurant chains (though, undoubtedly, they use third party food logistics providers, as well).


DFW food distribution couriers handle transportation within businesses. For example, transporting supplies from one location to another, or moving shipments from the warehouse to the individual stores. Food couriers also offer business to business services. They transport shipments from suppliers to distributors on a frequent or urgent basis.


Third party food logistics are also a great idea for small, family owned businesses. Hiring a food courier saves on time and expenses such as maintaining your own fleet, finding your own storage, and training your employees to handle food deliveries in adherence to federal regulations. A 3PL partner lets our locally run shops get back to what they do best- making and selling delicious eats.


DFW food distribution can be complex, which is why it’s a process best left to a professional courier like Eagle Express. To find out more about what our food couriers can do for your business, contact us here on our website, fill out an online request form, or call our team of experts, available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 214.351.7777.