Couriers Love the Deliveries You Love to Hate

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Sun, May 05, 2019 @ 09:19 PM

Eagle Express, Deliveries in Fort Worth

Normally, our courier team prefers to keep these blogs positive. We like to inform our customers about their options for deliveries in Fort Worth and Dallas. We like to keep it lighthearted every once in a while, with a post on how to keep your pets happy or spring clean your home to increase storage space. We even like to highlight a few of our favorite services with a blog dedicated specifically to that area of expertise.


We love to put those topics out there. But even all our love can’t make up for some of those delivery tasks that you just hate.


Thankfully, that’s what Eagle Express is for. If you have delivery chores that you just can’t stand, turn them over to our couriers! We love taking over your T&L tasks, no matter how cumbersome you might find them.


Airport runs- DFW International Airport is so big it has its own zip code! No, really, that’s not one of those lame jokes you told in primary school. The US post office recognizes DFW as its own city. Can we blame you for not wanting to make your airport cargo recoveries and drop offs at the 4th busiest airport in the nation? Thankfully, our Eagle Express team offers airfreight retrieval and deliveries, so you can avoid the airport at all costs. Until Great Aunt Edna visits, at least.


Multiple stop daily routes- Talk about mundane. If you feel like a school bus driver with all those frequent stops for pick-ups and deliveries on your scheduled routes, we can see why. Let a courier handle those frequent deliveries in Fort Worth and Dallas. With a variety of vehicles to suit your scheduled route needs, you can rest easy knowing your routine deliveries will be on time and cared for.


Long distance deliveries- Road trips sound fun, until one side of your rear goes numb. Eagle Express offers critical distance deliveries for our customers that move quickly and safely. We never stop to consolidate truckloads, and we never hand off your long distance items to a third party. It’s our Eagle team from start to finish, no matter where that finish might be.


Residential- You love meeting your customers face to face, but when your customers request delivery to their residences, that can make for a long and frustrating delivery day! Leave residential deliveries to the expert couriers at Eagle. We have the patience of Job, and a pretty great GPS to get us to those ‘burbs accurately.


Downtown- Quite the opposite issue, yet still a hateful quest for some, making deliveries in Downtown can be difficult and oftentimes dangerous! (I mean, have you ever caught yourself on the wrong way of a one-way street?) The Eagle Express couriers live in and work in DFW. We’ve been making your downtown deliveries for over 35 years. If anyone can make it happen, it’s Eagle.


Oversized or bulky items- Moving your own heavy items is a disaster waiting to happen. Allow our couriers to use the proper training and equipment to move heavy, oversized, or bulk products for you. Lift equipped straight trucks make your largest job as good as done.


Do you have a delivery experience that you just can’t stand completing? No need to! Call Eagle Express any time of day or night to schedule your next tricky delivery.


Save yourself the time, and your sanity by allowing our professional couriers to take over your most disliked delivery tasks. You might hate them, but we’d love to take them off your hands!