Bark if You Love National Canine Fitness Month

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Fri, Apr 12, 2019 @ 09:55 PM

Eagle Express, DFW Courier Services

There's a certain level of fitness required to be an Eagle Express courier completing your DFW courier services. Carrying large boxes, unloading and loading pallets, and operating heavy machinery requires a little extra muscle and a higher tolerance for exertion. Let's just say, our couriers keep a focus on their fitness.


You might, as well. You know you’re supposed to get your daily fitness on. Those 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week are vital to a healthy lifestyle. But did you know that those same rules for health apply to your pups, as well?


April is National Canine Fitness Month. This is the time when we remind ourselves that getting fit isn’t just for the Homo sapiens, but for our beloved canines, as well. 



Sedentary Modern Life

Many humans suffer from sedentarism, which is the condition of living a lifestyle with little to no physical activity. Think about your normal 9-5 behaviors. It’s likely you sit behind a desk and get up infrequently throughout the day. Few of us have a job that requires physical activity, like the behaviors of our Eagle Express drivers who fulfill your courier services. Most of us have to make a point to get moving, but many of us forget that when we live this lifestyle, so do our pets.


As the average American spends more time sitting in an office, their pets spend an increasing amount of time in a solitary and sedentary state at the home.


Signs Your Pet Might be Suffering from Sedentarism

Just like humans, pets exhibit symptoms when suffering from a medical issue. Diabetes, hypertension, joint issues, and stress can all be signs that your pet isn’t getting enough activity. Lack of exercise can also cause mental health problems for your pooch. Yes, we said it! Your pet has a personality, and it can become affected by sedentarism. If you notice your pet losing interest in normally exciting things, or if you find him getting agitated or less social, these could be signs your pet’s mental health is suffering.


How to Get Your Pet Active

Ready for the tough truth? Only you can change the lifestyle of your pet. In order to stay healthy, pets need 2-3 walks per day, at around 30 minutes per walk. They also need a balanced diet, guided by your pet’s veterinarian. Visiting your pet’s doc regularly for biannual visits keeps your pet up to date on shots and health standards. Lastly, you should encourage your pet to have a social life. Just like you need other people, your pet needs other dogs. If your pooch is friendly, look for a neighbor and pet to walk with, or make weekly trips to the dog park. This is great for your dog’s social and emotional benefit, and it keeps him active.


This month, take the time to make your dog’s health a priority, just like you do your own. Crush that sedentary lifestyle and get your pet moving for National Canine Fitness Month.


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