ICYMI- Couriers in DFW Can Transport Pretty Much Anything

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Wed, May 15, 2019 @ 05:21 PM

Eagle Express, Couriers in DFW

Let’s be honest. When you hear the word “courier” you think of the guy in this picture. Friendly? Sure! But limited by a hand truck and a moderately sized cardboard box or envelope. We don’t blame you. But we also want to correct you.


In case you missed it- couriers can transport pretty much anything. With the proper tools, we aren’t limited to what Joe Courier from Eagle can move with his own two hands. (No offense, Joe.) In fact, here at Eagle Express, we can move many items you never considered to be part of a courier’s repertoire. Check this out:


Oversized items: Forget “box”, think “pallets”. Couriers with lift equipped box trucks and straight trucks can move hundreds of boxes or dozens of pallets of your product. We also have the manpower to move them ourselves, without ever outsourcing your request.


Temperature controlled: Here in North Texas, there are many items requiring temperature control that you may never have considered. Flowers, pharmaceuticals, food items, and even artwork need some sort of temperature control during transport. Couriers with the technology that allow exact temperature control can move them all, small or large.


Healthcare items: Healthcare is the second largest industry in the North Texas region. Dozens of hospitals, hundreds of labs, and thousands of healthcare providers all require the services of a healthcare transportation team, aka, a healthcare courier like Eagle Express. Scheduled routes make those routine healthcare deliveries easy and dependable, because in the unpredictable world of medicine, it’s important to have something and someone you can rely on.


Incredibly sensitive information: Sensitive items aren’t limited to fragile or expensive cargo. Information is also sensitive, and requires a courier trained in federal privacy laws. HIPAA legislation requires that patient records and information are kept private, even during transport. Is your courier capable? Eagle Express is.


Food routes: We have no shortage of great eats here in DFW, and a courier is responsible for keeping your favorite restaurants stocked with fresh food to create those delicious meals. Food distribution couriers move food on a scheduled basis to restaurants, from local farms, and from distributors outside of Dallas Fort Worth. A reliable daily, weekly, or biweekly route means your favorite foods are always available.


Long distance deliveries: Just because we have the word “Dallas” in our description doesn’t mean we’re confined to city limits. Our Eagle Express couriers move all over the state of Texas, and even outside of state lines. Wherever our customers call, we can go. We also guarantee the security of your items. On a critical distance delivery, we never stop to consolidate truckloads, and we never hand off your items to a third party for completion.


Don’t be fooled by that image of a courier in your head. Our Eagle Express team is capable of moving just about anything you can think of, within and outside of the North Texas region. We also guarantee an on time delivery and the pristine condition of your cargo upon delivery.


You can find out more about the services we offer here, but if you don’t see your need on our website, it doesn’t mean we can’t help. Our dedicated team of professionals is available to serve your transportation and logistics needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the right courier, your delivery possibilities are virtually unlimited. Don’t miss out. Call Eagle Express today to schedule your next routine or on demand delivery!