How to Handle the Record Setting Thanksgiving Travel Season

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Nov 13, 2018 @ 09:36 PM

Eagle Express, On Demand CouriersRush hour on the High Five as our on demand couriers make an urgent delivery? Crowded.


The shopping malls on Black Friday? Crowded.


The kitchen when your three Aunties, Mother, and various in-laws are giving you an opinion on how to cook your yams? Crowded.


But nothing will be as crowded as the roads and the skies this Thanksgiving travel season. Traditionally speaking, Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel holidays. With millions of travelers roaming to spend time with loved ones, 90% of those traveling for the holiday will take to the roads, while just 10% will opt for a train, bus, or airplane.


With all those travelers, you can expect more traffic, longer lines, and an increase in fuel and ticket charges. That all sounds pretty stressful! The opposite of how you want to kick off the holiday season!


If you’re planning to hit the roads or skies this upcoming Thanksgiving week, be sure you take the advice of our on demand couriers. They’re pros at moving quickly and safely across DFW, in all kinds of crowds and traffic. They’re also available every weekend and holiday, giving them extra experience when it comes to moving throughout DFW and outside state lines in the midst of holiday chaos.


Here’s how to survive the record setting Thanksgiving travel week:


  • Leave early: Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, expect delays. The worst times to travel, according to AAA are Wednesday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. The best time, across all cities, is as early as possible on Thanksgiving morning.
  • Pack light: Flight delays are the worst on the Friday before Thanksgiving. If you’re trying to snag a connecting flight, it’s best to avoid baggage fees and the possibility of lost bags by carrying on your luggage.
  • Know what can go: If you’re one of the nearly 5 million people flying somewhere this holiday, know what can go in your carry on. This will avoid security delays and the likelihood of your fellow passengers jumping you in the terminal. Some Turkey day no-no’s for your carryon: gravy, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. Some “ok” items: cooked turkey and pies.
  • Charge up: Long car rides or flight delays will require some extra batteries (for your electronics and yourself!). Bring along your power banks and cords to ensure you can keep in touch with your family and keep your immediate family entertained.
  • Bring snacks: Low blood sugar leads to some hangry Thanksgiving travelers! Pack snacks full of protein to keep your travel companions from losing their cool in the crowds.
  • Get some sleep: The number one best way to avoid a Thanksgiving travel meltdown is to have adequate sleep. This will keep you safe on the long drive and sane in the lines at the airport. Plus it will make you a happier guest wherever you’re going.



AAA predicts that this will be the busiest Thanksgiving travel season that we’ve seen in over 13 years. With an expected 48.5 million people on the roads an another 4.3 million in the air in the 10-14 days surrounding Thanksgiving, you don’t want to be moving around unnecessarily. If you have last minute deliveries throughout the Metroplex, or even outside the state of Texas, let an expert courier brave the busy travel for you.


You can sit back, with your feet kicked up, enjoying pumpkin pie while you track your urgent delivery using our state of the art technology, GPS, and smartphone app. Let our on demand couriers make your holiday season a little less stressful by partnering with Eagle Express for your urgent and scheduled delivery needs this year.


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