Out of Town Deliveries Are Not Created Equally

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Sun, May 12, 2019 @ 09:38 PM

Eagle Express, Out of Town Deliveries

If you live and work here in the Metroplex, like our Eagle Express team, you know that Dallas Fort Worth is a hub of business operations. Host to over 22 Fortune and Global 500 companies in the industries of aviation, food, retail, and manufacturing, there’s a lot going into and out of our region. Who handles the import and export transportation? Why, a long distance courier, of course!


While there is quite a bit of business within the Metroplex to keep a DFW courier busy, with a booming region like North Texas, there are also out of town deliveries that take place on the daily. Moving goods into the Metroplex from cities far away, or moving products out of North Texas to customers outside our region involves a different kind of delivery plan.


Eagle Express has the ability to move out your out of town deliveries as well as transport deliveries into town from faraway places while preserving the individual needs of customers. Every delivery is different. There is no cookie-cutter option for out of town deliveries.


Here are a few ways to customize your out of town transportation.


Temperature Controlled for the Long Haul

Drive through the state of Texas, and you’ll drive through at least a few climates. Here in North Texas, we have a relatively low humidity level compared to the rest of the state. Our temperatures are also on the lower side, compared to the desert areas in West Texas that can get incredibly dry and hot.


In other words, there is no controlled temperature in Texas! Unless, of course, your courier handles that for you. Refrigerated vans and straight trucks make maintaining the perfect temperature an easy task. No matter how far your temperature sensitive out of town deliveries are going, they’ll remain comfortable with a courier who has the right equipment- like Eagle Express. 


Sensitive Cargo is Handled with Care

Temperature sensitive cargo is cared for, but what about your otherwise sensitive items: fragile products, expensive technology, or even floral arrangements? When you have sensitive items that need to move long distances, you need to be sure that they will be handled with care and precision.


Expedited Options are Available

When your items need to move long distances quickly, custom critical deliveries offer customers the option of moving items long distances without the hassle of extra stops for consolidation or hand offs. Our Eagle Express team commits to moving your custom critical deliveries as quickly and as safely as possible, never handling them off to a third party, and never holding them up while we wait for a full truckload. Our trustworthy couriers handle your goods from start to finish, assuring they get on their way quickly and into the hands of your customers safely and in perfect condition.


Know Where Your Items are at All Times

Sending off your items for the long haul and then sitting in the dark of a few days is never a great transportation plan. With Eagle Express, you are able to track your delivery from start to finish. Our state of the art GPS and tracking systems give you real time information regarding the location of your cargo.


If you have a change in route, that information can be relayed to our connected drivers via our dispatch team who is available 24/7. Signature capture, photo proof of delivery, online invoicing, and email notifications are other added perks that come with a courier who is committed to utilizing the latest technology in every delivery.


Long distance deliveries are not created equally. Over 35 years of T&L experience has taught Eagle Express that one-size-fits-all is not a proper business model. We strive to increase customer satisfaction by treating each of our customers as a unique delivery that requires a unique delivery solution.


Are you ready to work with Eagle Express to create a unique plan of action for your in town and out of town deliveries? Contact our team any time, day or night, to get started.