5 Reasons to Schedule Your Next Delivery

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Jan 08, 2019 @ 01:41 PM

Eagle Express, Scheduled Deliveries in DFWWith a Dallas transportation and logistics provider, planning ahead can save you big. And we’re not just talking about your invoice.


Scheduled deliveries throughout the Metroplex are one of the most popular services we offer. That’s because these routine deliveries come along with some considerable benefits.



  1. Scheduled deliveries save you time. Driving around Dallas three times a week, making multiple stops at each of your customers to drop off or pick up items…ain’t nobody got time for that! (Except a courier.) Forget taking time away from the office to make your own drop offs and pick-ups. No need to waste precious time sitting in rush hour traffic or attempting to find a parking spot in Uptown. A scheduled delivery courier makes your route deliveries on time for you, so you can put your time to better use.
  2. Scheduled deliveries save you stress. That last point, about finding a parking spot, that raised your heart rate a little, didn’t it? There’s no reason to feel that kind of stress. Think about how much more you can relax knowing you’ve scheduled your deliveries for the next foreseeable future! A courier like Eagle Express is dependable and committed to getting the job done with as little stress as possible.
  3. Scheduled deliveries can improve your production. With all that free time and much less stress, you’re free to get back to what you do best. Your core competencies get all the focus when you let go of extraneous and mundane tasks such as transportation. You can also count on a route courier to deliver supplies to your business on the regular, meaning you’ll never have to stall or shut down operations to wait for a routine delivery.
  4. Scheduled deliveries increase your customer service. Customers benefit from your partnership with a professional courier, as well. When you hire Eagle Express to perform your route deliveries, your customers get to know the members of our Eagle team- folks who provide stellar service with a smile on their faces. With a professional courier on your side, your customers are also treated to fast, reliable shipping on their products. They’ll want to keep coming back to your business.
  5. Scheduled deliveries save you money. Perhaps most importantly, scheduled deliveries save you money. At the most basic level, a scheduled delivery costs less than an urgent, on demand one. You’ll reap the savings when you can plan ahead. But scheduled deliveries also save you money by mitigating the need to purchase and maintain your own fleet. Hiring out your T&L processes means you don’t have to worry about the risk of employees driving their own vehicles to make business deliveries, or, worst case scenario, dealing with insurance claims should an accident occur.



As you can see, there are some fabulous benefits to scheduling your deliveries ahead of time. The reality is, though, things don’t always go as planned. There are times when you’ll need an urgent, same day delivery that couldn’t possibly have been predicted or scheduled.


Thankfully, Eagle Express is a full service logistics provider. That means, not only can we handle your day to day routes and scheduled items, but we also remain available to you on an on demand basis. Deliveries made within the day, in the next 2, 3, or 4 hours, or even super rush, sub-one hour deliveries are all options provided by our Eagle Express team.


Clearly, a scheduled delivery plan is the best way to go, but when your delivery emergencies arise, Eagle Express is here to accommodate with the same friendly, fast service that we offer with all of our delivery options.


Ready to talk it over with an expert? Contact Eagle Express today, any time of day or night, to discuss your transportation and logistics needs, and find out how we can start serving you.