Seasonal Allergies in Texas are Right on Time

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Oct 02, 2018 @ 09:07 PM

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There are many fabulous things about living in Texas. The friendly “howdy” you get from people you don’t know. The delicious barbeque and Tex Mex. And, of course, the love of football.


But one thing that isn’t so fabulous about living in Texas? Allergies. And, unfortunately, you can’t escape them. Most places in the US get a reprieve once cooler weather hits, but here in Texas, we have autumn allergies, and, like our scheduled medical delivery couriers, they’re right on time. Only, you won’t be as happy to see the side effects of Texas allergies in the fall as you would be seeing your favorite courier show up at your door.


Seasonal allergies actually have a lot in common with our scheduled medical delivery team. You can depend on them to show up when they’re expected. They’re reliable, make quite a presence, and are far reaching, throughout the state of Texas and beyond. Of course, the biggest difference between our couriers and seasonal allergies is that working with our couriers makes for an enjoyable and positive experience. Seasonal allergies…well…those just stink.


But, thankfully, our scheduled medical delivery couriers have some great health news to deliver (along with those daily or weekly lab specimens, prescriptions, and patient records). While you can’t prevent allergies altogether without moving outside of the Lone Star State, you can manage the effects of those allergies. Delivering the goods on how to cope with Autumn allergies are our medical route couriers:


Know your opponent

The first step in combating anything is to know what you’re up against. For example, our couriers know there are dozens of seemingly similar services throughout the Metroplex, but we’ve done our research, and we’re confident that we provide a unique expertise that helps us rise above our competition. Your opponent this autumn: ragweed.


In just one season, a single ragweed plant can produce up to one billion pollen grains. No wonder you’re sneezing and itching your way through October! While ragweed is the primary culprit, only a visit to a doctor can confirm if it’s the cause of your symptoms. So, see your medical professional, get allergy tests, and then move on to our next step.


Avoid first

Like the bully on the school playground, your best bet is to just avoid the allergens altogether. The best way to do this? Stay inside when counts are high. If you simply can’t bear the idea if missing out on the gorgeous weather (we don’t blame you!), you can take some other preventative action:

  • Change your clothes when you get home to prevent spreading pollen throughout the house.
  • Wash your hair nightly to avoid rubbing allergens on your pillowcase.
  • Wipe down your pets after they come in from outside.
  • Change your air filters regularly.


Medicate second

Most of us, even if we try our darndest, are still going to feel the effects of fall allergies. Doctors say, though, that you don’t need high price prescriptions to combat allergens like ragweed. A simple antihistamine should do the trick.


When our bodies come into contact with something we’re allergic to, like ragweed, it causes our nasal cavities to swell, our eyes to water, and sometimes even a rash. This is our body producing histamines. It’s actually a protective response. In order to combat that, an antihistamine reduces or blocks the histamine, reducing the annoying symptoms of allergies. 


Another rover the counter method to relief is a simple saline nasal spray. It keeps the inside of your nasal cavity moist, and it helps to clear out any excess allergens that can get stuck in there. (Lovely.)


Texas allergies- an unpleasant experience that you can count on to come right on time, each and every season. Scheduled medical deliveries in DFW- a pleasant experience that you can count on to come right on time each and every time.


While our couriers can’t really help you with the former, we can help with the latter. For over 35 years, our couriers have bene providing fast and dependable service to clients with route deliveries and urgent deliveries. From healthcare to food distribution, our team has the means and experience to handle all your deliveries in DFW.


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