The Perfect Gift

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Sun, Dec 23, 2018 @ 10:14 PM

Eagle Express, STAT Courier‘Twas the night before Christmas, the warehouse was a’buzz.

Sorting and fulfilling orders, as a Christmas elf does.


There was the dolly for Suzie. There were superheroes for Mike.

An art kit for Ava. Freddy wanted a blue bike.


Each little girl and boy who made it to the “nice” list,

Had a gift loaded on the sleigh. No one would be missed.


The head elf checked his manifest, one last gander before the go.

He realized something was missing: Little Timmy’s gift was a no-show.


“Quick!” yelled the boss, “Grab Timmy’s gift for the trek!”

Buddy, the assistant, ran to the shop to inspect.


He searched high, then low, viewing every cranny and nook.

He verified Timmy’s status, double-checking the “nice” book.


Yep, sure enough, Little Timmy was left out.

He was good this past year. He didn’t cry or pout.


Quick! Think fast! This gift has to be great.

And it needs to be added to the already-full freight.


So Buddy ran to a crowd, and cried out with worry,

“We need a gift for Timmy! And we’re in a hurry!”


“I know,” said an elf, belonging to the super rush team,

“Everyone likes to go fast, give him the RaceCar Extreme!”


“No, “ said the elf who oversees distribution of food,

“That stinks. No offense.” Though, he said it quite rude.


“A lovely gift basket is what Timmy needs.

With fruits, nuts, and chocolates.” But nobody agreed.


The elf who transports the long distance gifts,

Suggested a luggage set. That caused a rift.


Buddy ran to the Medical Center to ask a group that’s wise:

The elves who provide check ups, medication and supplies.


These medical professionals had the brains and the smarts,

But with no great ideas, Buddy had to depart.


With his head hung down sadly, Buddy wandered the hall.

“How could we forget Timmy? He deserved the greatest gift of them all!”


As Buddy rounded the corner, he barely avoided a crash,

With the Big Man in red, a white beard and mustache.


“Ho ho ho! Buddy!” Santa said with glee,

“Why the long face? Were you coming to see me?”


“Oh Santa,” Buddy said, with a tear in his eye,

“We’ve forgotten a “Nice” boy, and the sleigh’s ready to fly.


If we don’t find the perfect gift for him quick,

Timmy will be disappointed. That makes me sick!


Unlike most, Timmy deserves the greatest gift of them all.

What can we deliver this late? No longer can we stall.”


Santa said with a sigh, “Buddy, I appreciate your candor.

But the truth is, the greatest gift isn’t something we’re after.


The greatest gift’s already been given, over two thousand years ago.

In the form of a baby- a gift God bestowed.


So take heart in knowing, this gift's there for Tim.

Though, it’s not on the sleigh, or under the tree with a trim.


The greatest gift is the Hope, the Truth, and the Way

That God gave to earth, with his son Jesus that day.


With that in your pocket, let’s consider for Tim,

Something he’ll love and like; something just right for him.”


Santa knew Timmy well, and showed Buddy a toy.

Buddy wrapped it up pretty, and tagged it for the boy.


See, it’s important to consider, as we search for presents,

That there is no gift on earth quite like God’s presence.


As Santa told Buddy, the most important gift awaits,

For those who can request and accept God’s grace.


Give your gifts happily, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Or have an Eagle courier deliver them STAT.


Just remember the reason Jesus came to earth as a child.

To live life blameless; forgive sins; to reconcile.


Merry Christmas to all! May you find for yourself,

That most perfect gift, just like Buddy the elf.


Our Eagle Express couriers wish you all a very Merry Christmas!