The Unique Way Dallas Medical Specimen Couriers Get the Job Done

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, Dec 13, 2018 @ 09:13 PM

Eagle Express, Dallas Medical Specimen CouriersDallas medical specimen couriers regularly overcome challenges. They are responsible for ensuring safe delivery of sensitive cargo. Read on to learn the unique ways Dallas medical specimen couriers get the job done.

Achieving Timely Medical Deliveries

There is an added layer of importance to medical deliveries. Other types of cargo or freight seem to pale in comparison to specimens and lab results. It’s safe to say the nature of these deliveries put medical specimen couriers in a league of their own. These couriers are charged with transporting materials which directly affect people’s lives.

The demands of medical deliveries don’t change based on environmental factors such as weather and traffic. Considering there may be many factors that can hinder deliveries, medical specimen couriers must also be problem-solvers. Here are a few strategies expert medical couriers employ to ensure their deliveries are kept on and/or ahead of schedule.

  • Hiring only properly trained, experienced couriers
  • Using the best delivery routes and possessing at least two back up plans
  • Understanding local traffic tendencies
  • Working ahead of schedule (never behind)
  • Meeting all service level agreements for pick-up and drop-off

Specializing in Safe Deliveries

In addition to timeliness, safety is paramount to the success of medical deliveries. Couriers must be well-trained and equipped with the latest in proper handling techniques in order to ensure deliveries arrive safely. Few industries require a focus on safety like the medical delivery industry. This applies to the cargo as well as the courier that is responsible for making the delivery.

For example, damaged lab specimens can skew test results. And a failure to observe safe-handling techniques can place a courier in harm’s way. Expert medical couriers do not take safety for granted when it comes to transporting medical items. This is a field in which there is truly no room for mistakes. You will find the top medical specimen couriers are highly-trained individuals who pay careful attention to the details of their delivery responsibilities. 

A Secure Delivery Is a Must 

Security in medical deliveries includes ensuring protocols are in place for appropriate packaging, and temperature control and that the correct measures have been taken to safeguard privacy. Another unique security measure is providing a variety of delivery vehicle configurations based on the size and the amount of cargo to be transported. Different vehicle configurations can help guarantee secure delivery. Experienced and effective medical couriers will easily demonstrate these security traits and more.

Medical Couriers Are Uniquely Professional

Finally, in order for medical deliveries to go off without a hitch, drivers must possess the highest levels of professionalism. Although some traits of professionalism cannot be taught, other standards such as a professional uniform, appropriate safety gear and containment tools must be in place. Medical couriers should also be HIPPA and OSHA certified so your business can ensure your clients’ sensitive information remains confidential. HIPPA regulations require the following:

  1. Healthcare organizations must establish protocols to control who is able to access sensitive health data.
  2. Information disclosed to healthcare providers is subject to strict security controls.
  3. Patients have control over their information, including when and with whom it is shared.  

As you can see specimen couriers must meet a unique set of delivery standards that do not exist in other types of delivery services. Because there is a patient connected to every medical delivery, specimen couriers must take on a “patient-first” mentality. It is imperative for couriers to exemplify professionalism by following the standards for medical deliveries and by adding a certain amount of compassion to their work. Couriers must remember that just as each delivery is unique, each patient faces a unique situation which they should handle with great care.

If your medical business is ready to experience the best in Dallas medical specimen couriers, do not delay—contact Eagle Express today. It’s time to learn how our 35 years of experience in the medical delivery field can benefit your business. Connect with us here on our website, or call us for a quote at 214.351.5777.