These Christmas Conundrums are Solved With a Holiday Courier in Dallas

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, Dec 20, 2018 @ 08:57 PM

Eagle Express, Holiday Courier in DallasIn this magical season, so much can go right. You can have the perfect Christmas dinner with an impeccably roasted turkey. Your secret Santa can give you the perfect gift you always wanted. Your company’s Christmas hams can get stalled in Houston because of a malfunction in your courier company’s delivery vehicle.




That’s not a Christmas miracle. That’s more of a Christmas conundrum!


If we’re being honest, sometimes things happen over the holidays that can really crumble your cookie, get your tinsel in a tangle, or blow your fuse (to your outdoor lights). While a holiday courier in Dallas can’t fix all of your Christmas conundrums, they can fix these ones:


Temporary holiday storage space


Many companies prep for the holiday season by stocking up on some of the most popular items. This means they need to move items that are out of season, or unnecessary items that are just taking up space. A logistics provider that offers warehouse space for long or short term storage is the perfect solution for the Christmas clutter.


Eagle Express, for example, offers 24/7 access to customers at a secure and centrally located warehouse. When you’re ready to pull your items from storage, whether that’s in the New Year or in five New Years, your items will be available to you at a moment’s notice.


Last minute transportation for bulk items


While your courier company of choice can control many aspects of the supply chain, holiday shipping remains at the mercy of the weather. If your inbound vehicle is stalled by a storm on the East coast, or one of your locations in the Southwest is in need of immediate product, you might need the assistance of a last minute courier that is capable of moving large quantities of items.


A well-equipped holiday courier in Dallas has a variety of fleet at their disposal, including lift equipped straight trucks to handle those bulk deliveries. A courier that makes themselves available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can offer these vehicles last minute. A courier like Eagle Express can do both of those things.


Temperature controlled delivery needs


Too hot to handle? Yes. We’ve heard of that one. But too cold to handle? That’s new. This time of year, weather in Texas can be unpredictably cold. Items that used to require dry shipment might need ambient temperature control in order to prevent them from freezing during transport. If your Christmas conundrum involves moving ambient, refrigerated, or frozen goods during this holiday season, that problem is solved with the help of a holiday courier in DFW. Professional delivery teams have access to temperate controlled vans, trucks, and storage space, making the movement of your temperature sensitive delivery items a simple phone call away.


Deliveries that need to travel across the country


When Grandmother’s house is a little further away than just over the river and through the woods, a critical distance delivery is required in order to get your time sensitive Christmas deliveries to their desired destinations on time.


Eagle Express offers expedited distance deliveries with a few perks. For starters, we can move them at any time of day or night. Meaning, your 3 am phone call will be answered by a live member of our team. Another perk? Your items will never be handed off to a third party or consolidated into a larger shipment. We’re your dedicated courier for your expedited distance deliveries. Our professionals will handle your shipment from pick up to drop off, keeping you in touch via state of the art technology every step of the way.


With so much that can go right during the Christmas holiday, you don’t want to have to think about the things that can go wrong! Thankfully, a holiday courier in Dallas like Eagle Express can solve those T&L Christmas conundrums with one of many services we offer for issues such as these.


Don’t see your Christmas conundrum on the list? We can still help! Contact us here on our website, or give us a call at 214-351-5777 and let us assist you with finding just the right delivery service to solve your holiday T&L woes. We’re standing by, ready to serve you.