Three Things to Look for in 24 Hour Food Transport in Texas

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Sat, Dec 01, 2018 @ 09:16 PM

Eagle Express, 24 Hour Food Transport in TexasIf you are considering 24 hour food transport in Texas, you need to know what to expect from a courier you can trust to get the job done right the first time and every time you call. Here are three factors to keep in mind as you decide which company is right for your business’s food transportation needs:

  1. Safety and Security Must Be Priorities

When selecting a service for your food distribution, it is paramount to choose the service that places the safety and security of your food cargo ahead of all else. Food damaged in delivery presents significant losses for your customers, as well as your bottom line.

The food services industry is difficult enough without having to worry about whether your finished products will arrive at their destinations in perfect condition. And why should you settle for less than perfect? After all, your business devoted time and resources into the product you are now hiring out for delivery. You’ve kept up your end of the bargain, now it’s time for your delivery service to follow suit. How can you expect your business to compete in the marketplace if your products are not delivered safely and securely?

The quickest way to lose business is to present your customers with low quality or damaged goods – both of which can happen if your business chooses a lesser delivery service. Distribution is not the facet your business you should skimp on; it’s far too valuable in determining your current and future success.

Most importantly, make it your goal to choose the delivery service with a stellar reputation for maintaining the quality of your valuable cargo. When you get this right, you will earn an increase in repeat customers while creating noticeable gains in your bottom line.

  1. Flexibility in Your Food Transport Makes a Difference

Many companies risk success and taking significant losses by selecting a food transport service based on upfront price rather than performance. Remember the old adage, “you get what you pay for”? This also holds true in the realm of 24 hour food delivery services.

Many transport services will offer 24 hour delivery with strings attached. For example, they only cover certain routes, or transport services will only make frozen deliveries, or deliveries of a certain size. What can seem like a promising situation based on upfront cost, may not provide your business with the flexibility you are truly seeking in a 24-hour food transport option.

Is your service able to move your product around the clock? Can your food transport deliver varying amounts of cargo with different temperature requirements? Is your service able to run the delivery route or routes you need at a reasonable cost? These are all important considerations when choosing the right food transport service.

  1. Food Safety for Your Transport Is a Non-negotiable

Not everything is as it seems. If you are in the food business, you know very well that a food’s seemingly typical appearance does not guarantee its safety. Food safety presents multiple, significant liabilities to businesses that hire food transport services. One bad customer experience with a food borne illness can ruin your business’s reputation, while also introducing legal and financial liability for related healthcare/treatment costs.

Few things in the distribution business are as serious as food safety. When deciding on a delivery service, be sure to do some thorough checking into the service’s safety record. Choose a service that can provide well-trained, experienced drivers. Choose a service that offers ambient, frozen, and refrigerated food transport options. Services that know the difference are the services you can count on to keep your products and consumers safe.

The best in 24 hour food transport options should be able to offer a variety of temperatures specified to the degree as well as electronic tracking throughout the delivery process. Regardless of what type of food cargo you need to move, safety matters and will have a lasting impact on the success of your business.

Are you ready to experience the best in 24 hour food transport service in Texas and beyond? Contact us today on our website or by calling us at 214.351.5777. When it comes to the must-haves for 24 hour food transport, Eagle Express delivers.