24/7 Couriers Are Your Summertime Solution

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Wed, Aug 07, 2019 @ 10:52 PM

Eagle Express, 24/7 Couriers

Summertime presents some pretty awesome advantages. We enjoy long days and even longer evenings to enjoy our cool Texas lakes and backyard swimming pools. It’s a great excuse to throw a steak on the grill and forget about cholesterol for a day (or an entire season…). Summer also brings fun family movies (hello, Spiderman!), road trips, and seasonal treats like snow cones and ice cream.


Yes, our 24/7 couriers could go on for hours about the high points of summer, but we’d be remiss of us to pass up on this opportunity to highlight some of those summertime struggles…and how our 24/7 couriers can help solve them.


Check out these summertime solutions provided by Eagle Express:


Surpass the competition- Your competitors are going on summer vacation. Maybe you are, as well. Guess what, though? Eagle Express isn’t. We’re available all day, every day to make your urgent deliveries a success. Show up the competition who is “unavailable at the moment”, and have items in the hands of your customers in as little as 45 minutes.


If you’re shutting down your office for a few weeks, don’t leave your customers hanging. Let Eagle Express store and ship your items on your behalf. Our centrally located warehouse can store your items long term or short term and fulfill your orders with our pick and pack services. Let your competition take a vacation. Hey, let yourself take a vacation! Let the 24/7 couriers who never rest keep your customers satisfied all summer long.


Cold transportation- It’s hot. Yes, North Texans, summertime can be brutal with our high humidity and even higher temps. If you have items that can easily spoil in the heat, or if you have temperature specific items that now require advanced technology and a refrigerated vehicle, it’s time to get a professional on the job.


Here at Eagle Express, we offer tri-temperature controlled vehicles to keep your items at a specific temperature or within a range of temperatures for the entire duration of their journey. Whether it’s 100 outside or 20, your items remain at their specified temperature, ensuring they’re safe and effective upon arrival.


Break the final mile barrier- Speaking of heat, have you ever tried to carry a box up multiple flights of stairs or unload a pallet onto a loading dock when the temperatures creep near the century mark? You don’t have to if you allow one of Eagle Express’s 24/7 couriers to assist.


The final mile- the last leg of the journey for your product before it is placed into the hands of your customers- is the trickiest and often most difficult part of the journey. Physical and logistical barriers often make this processes a difficult one, but with an experienced and trained professional on your team, it doesn’t have to be. Eagle Express ensures your items find their way into the hands of your customers no matter what the temperature outside, the number of stairs to climb, or the number of pallets to unload.


Consistent customer service- Seasonal employees are always a gamble. You never know if you’ve struck temperature placement gold or if you’ll be counting down the days until the season is over. Here at Eagle Express, you can rest assured that our employees aren’t considered expendable. Our team members are valuable to us. We take the time to train and empower our team so your items can arrive safely and securely, delivered with a smile. Our customer service is consistent, no matter what the season.


Summertime shouldn’t be a struggle for your business. Not with a 24/7 courier like Eagle Express on your team. Give us a call and see how we can assist you with creating a plan of action for your biggest seasonal hurdles. We’re available any time of day or night. Contact us at 214.351.5777 to get started.