A Salute to an American Icon

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Jun 18, 2019 @ 03:20 PM

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Ask any one of our 24/7 delivery couriers, and they’ll agree that summer is all about patriotism! Memorial Day kicks off the unofficial start to the season. Fourth of July keeps the good vibes going, and Labor Day rounds out the fun. While these are the three main events of the summer, there is something that’s missing. It’s the day dedicated solely to Old Glory.


This month, we celebrate Flag Day.


Sure, it’s not as exciting as fireworks and pool parties, but it’s an important holiday in our nation’s history because it celebrates the single most important symbol of our nation.


Let’s kick it all the way back to 1777. To set the scene, America had declared independence from Britain in 1776, but that was only the beginning.


As the Revolutionary War began, the Union was looking for ways to boost morale, and that included a unified flag to fight under. The Second Continental Congress, who, at the time, was writing The Articles of Confederation which created a National government, decided it was time to get on the same page about the US flag.


On June 14, 1777, it was declared that the flag of the United States would be comprised of 13 stripes, representing the 13 colonies. The stripes would alternate red and white, and in the corner would be a “new constellation” of 13 white stars set on a blue background. Old Glory was born.


The American Revolution officially ended in 1783. The American Flag stood strong as a symbol of national pride. But it would be over 100 years before it was officially given its own holiday. It is suggested that there were individual ceremonies before that, though. In 1885 a school teacher from Wisconsin organized an event for his students to celebrate the birthday of the flag, to be commemorated on June 14th.


In 1889, the State Board of Education of New York adopted the idea of Flag Day. By 1893, public schools in Philadelphia were celebrating. On May 30, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation for June 14 to be Flag Day - the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777. But it wasn’t until August 3, 1949 that President Truman, through an act of Congress, designated June 14th of each year to be National Flag Day.


And so, we celebrate! In honor of the day dedicated to Old Glory, here are some little known facts about the American Flag:


  • Flag Code actually states that the Stars and Stripes should not appear on clothing, bedding, or decorative items.
  • Flags should be illuminated at all times, either by sunlight or another light source.
  • Flying the flag upside down can also be used as a distress signal.
  • The American flag should always be kept raised off the ground.
  • Burning the flag is technically protected under your First Amendment Right. But let’s just not.
  • There should be no additions or insignia added to a flag, including signatures.
  • The current design of our flag was created by a high school student.
  • There are six flags on display on the moon, five of them are still standing.
  • The flag that inspired “The Star Spangled Banner” is on display at the Smithsonian.
  • Flag Code suggests that old flags beyond repair should be burned or buried.



God bless America and our grand old flag! Even though June 14th is a holiday in its own right, you can still find an on call 24/7 delivery courier here at Eagle Express, ready to move your time and temperature sensitive goods. Flag Day, Labor Day, and every day in between, our Eagle Express team is available to customers. No matter when you call us, you’re treated to a live team member with the expertise and knowledge to answer any of your questions and get your urgent deliveries on the move. Contact us today for more information.