4 Completely Avoidable Medical Delivery Mistakes

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Mon, Aug 12, 2019 @ 10:04 PM

Eagle Express, Medical Delivery

Here in North Texas, the medical industry is an integral part of our economy. In fact, healthcare is our region’s second largest industry, falling behind the technological services sector. Holding such an important piece of the lives of North Texans, organizations within the medical industry rely on professionals like Eagle Express to transport healthcare items and medical specimens quickly to serve their customers and patients better.


With such a big piece of the puzzle, there’s a lot of room for error if you go with the wrong transportation team. It’s important to be aware of the medical delivery pitfalls so you can avoid them. After all, these 4 medical delivery mistakes are completely avoidable with a professional and dependable delivery team like Eagle Express:


Mistake #1: Compromised patient privacy

This is not just a mistake, it’s a BIG mistake. In fact, it’s prosecutable. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), requires confidentiality when dealing with patient health records. This applies to healthcare providers, but it also applies to transportation providers who are moving patient records, lab specimens, and medications. A courier who is untrained in HIPAA standards is not only dangerous, they’re in violation of these regulations. When selecting a transportation team, ask questions about your provider’s certification and training.

Mistake #2: Mismanaged temperature control

Medical deliveries are most often incredibly sensitive in nature. From blood samples to organs, these deliveries require specific temperature control in order to remain viable for use. Couriers with a maintained fleet of temperature controlled vehicles can give your items exact temperature control for the duration of their journey. However, a cut rate courier who skimps on vehicle maintenance, or a courier that doesn’t have exact temperature control or reefer vehicles can’t ensure safe transport for your temperature sensitive items.

Mistake #3: Hazardous materials spills

When it comes to medical deliveries, experience is a necessity. Couriers with experience in healthcare transportation have specific training and skills to prevent accidents form occurring with biohazardous materials. These spills can be costly and even deadly. While a seasoned and trained courier such as Eagle Express takes every precaution to avoid such incidents, accidents can and do occur. That’s why our couriers are equipped with spill kits and have access to a supportive team of dispatchers at all times.

Mistake #4: Damaged items

As we said before, medical deliveries are sensitive by nature. There is a lot of room for error while in transport. Obviously, the primary goal of every medical delivery in DFW is a successful and on time delivery. That comes from a trustworthy an experienced delivery team with the proper equipment and training. But for those unforeseen circumstances, you need assurance that your courier can provide restitution. Your medical delivery team should be fully insured by A-rated providers. In case of loss of cargo or damage to goods, you don’t want to be responsible for the costs of making restitution for your clients. A great courier can provide overall confidence in the delivery process, and can act responsibility should an unforeseen incident occur.


These mistakes are bad news, but here’s some good news: Eagle Express can help you avoid all of these unnecessary medical delivery mistakes. Healthcare deliveries are too important and too sensitive to be left to an inexperienced or unprofessional transportation team.


Eagle Express has nearly 40 years of experience working with healthcare providers throughout the Metroplex and beyond. Our commitment to state of the art technology and expertly maintained vehicles means your delivery will arrive on time and in perfection condition every time- guaranteed.


We’re not limited to just medical deliveries, though. Eagle Express has a variety of services, from food transportation to route deliveries. Don’t make another delivery mistake! Contact our team today to get started.