4 Keys to a Successful Warehousing and Distribution Relationship

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, May 28, 2019 @ 07:55 PM

Eagle Express, Warehousing and Distribution

What is your business’s secret to success? For most industries operating in DFW, it’s your product, of course. Customers come to you because they like what you have to offer them. In order to keep your customers happy, you have to manage your product inventory. If you’re going at this complex process alone, we have one question: how’s that working for you?


If your response is anything short of “spectacular”, it might be time to consider a warehousing and distribution relationship with a third party logistics provider like Eagle Express.


Your ability to manage inventory is vital to your business’s success. Your products deserve a secure, organized facility with professionals who can pick, pack, and ship at your request. It’s not too much to ask.


Here are four tips to find the right warehousing and distribution team to assist in building your business.


  • Know Your Warehousing Needs

Different products require different warehousing plans. Do you have pharmaceuticals that require temperature control and sensitive handling? Are your items seasons, and need to be stored for six months out of the year? Are they ultra-valuable, and need added security?


Your unique products will require unique needs. Don’t be pressured into choosing your warehousing and distribution plans based on a predetermined menu of services. Know what your business requires, and then find a team who can meet your needs.


  • Communicate With Your Team

Communication is vital to any partnership, including your warehousing and distribution relationship. Your choice of provider should be available 24/7 in case any last minute issues with your items arise. You shouldn’t be afraid to communicate your questions and concerns to your provider.


Here at Eagle, we keep communication lines open for our customers. We’d love to hear about your suggestions, concerns, and general thoughts about the services we provide. If there’s something we can do to serve you better, fill us in! Our customer relationships are our top priority.


  • Update Your Needs Whenever Necessary

We hope your business grows with the right warehousing and distribution provider. As your company evolves, your storage needs will, as well. That’s’ why strict, long term contracts won’t work for you. Your provider should be able to change your delivery schedule, storage space, or warehousing needs based on your evolving business. Change is a good thing, after all.


  • Consolidate With One Super Provider

Your warehousing and distribution needs are just one part of your supply chain. With so many links it’s unsurprising why breakdowns occur. Trust your logistics and supply chain management to a third party provider who can offer you dozens of different services, covering a wide portion of your logistics operations.   


Eagle Express offers multiple services, from pick up to packing, storage to shipment, and even final mile and white glove services. There’s less room for error when you have one solid team behind the wheel. Literally.


Is your current warehousing and distribution relationship no longer working for you? Is it time to break up with your present courier? If you’re just not happy with your current warehousing and distribution state, give Eagle Express a try.


We’re a full service transportation and logistics provider. We’re able to move your large and small items to and from our secure facility on a routine or urgent basis. Our customer relationships are solid, and have allowed us to serve well in the DFW Metroplex for over three decades.


Contact Eagle Express today to get started building the only warehousing and distribution relationship you’ll ever need!