5 Things To Consider In Your Next Refrigerated Delivery Courier

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Wed, Jun 12, 2019 @ 09:26 PM

Eagle Express, Refrigerated Delivery Courier

Finding the right refrigerated delivery courier is critical for many industries operating in DFW. With our…uncertain…climate and popularity among food distributors and healthcare providers, refrigerated deliveries are a common transportation need. Finding the right transportation provider can mean the difference between a successful business and a failed one. With medical deliveries, it can even mean the difference between life and death!


As you search for the right provider for your next temperature controlled delivery, you’re going to want to ensure your delivery team can check these 5 boxes:


  • Experience with a variety of items: Temperature control is required for everything from artwork to vaccinations. You can’t leave your MMR vaccinations in the hands of a courier who is only trained to move antique furniture, and vice versa. Find out the types of qualifications and certifications your courier has, as well as the experience they have with varying items.
  • Exact temperature: Some items require a specific temperature in order to stay viable or edible. For example, raw meat must be kept at 39 degrees Fahrenheit or colder during transport. Any small fluctuation in temperature could mean the growth of bacteria, which could make consumers incredibly sick. The right courier should be able to keep items at a specific temperature for the duration of their transport. This can only happen with maintained vehicles, working temperature control technology, and a trained courier.
  • Range of temperature: If you have multiple items in a shipment, they might require different temperatures during transport. A great courier can offer dual and tri temperature control, all in the same shipment. Your items move quickly, without the need for different delivery vehicles, yet they can each remain at their own required temperature.
  • Secure storage- Think beyond the transportation part of the equation, and consider finding out about your courier’s storage options. A true transportation and logistics provider can offer services such as long and short term storage, as well as pick, pack, and ship options. The latest inventory management software, FDA certification, and 24/7 access with no appointment necessary are also perks that a fabulous courier can offer you for your temperature controlled cargo.
  • Full insurance coverage from A-rated providers- One of the most important questions you can ask your courier is what types of insurance they offer. Full coverage from A rated insurers in the areas of cargo loss/theft, liability, auto, and others is necessary for your own peace of mind and confidence in your courier. A responsible courier always plans for the best, but they are prepared to make reparations in the case of an unforeseen circumstance with your cargo.


When looking for ways to grow your company, make sure finding the right refrigerated delivery courier is on your list. This is an important partnership that could have costly consequences if not properly executed.


Check your courier’s testimonials, ask questions, and keep communication lines open. If you have to question whether or not you’re getting the right treatment from your refrigerated delivery courier, the answer is “no”.


With Eagle Express, you won’t have to question the capabilities of your courier. Through transparency and a commitment to honesty and integrity, our team provides fabulous customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of your delivery needs, including both refrigerated and dry cargo.


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