A Third Party Logistics Christmas Tale

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Sun, Dec 22, 2019 @ 09:31 PM

Eagle Express, Third Party Logistics


‘Twas the evening before Christmas, and all through the North Pole,

The elves were in a tizzy, searching for one old soul.

They’d ventured high and low, without much luck.

Santa was missing in action, the workshop had run amuk.


Rudolph was cavorting, hosting the reindeer games.

Dancer and Prancer were dabbing, living up to their names.

Blitzen was sleeping it off, behind the snowy stable.

He’d hit the sauce pretty hard, and was a little disabled.


Dasher and Vixen, Comet, Cupid, and Donner too,

They’d all but forgotten they had a job to do.

Fred the Head Elf called out, “Who runs this joint?”

Blank stares returned, “Who is running point!?”


“Where is Santa?” he asked, with panic and worry.

“Haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving,”  said an elf named Flurry.

Oh no! Could it be? Was Santa really not here?

In just a few hours, he’s due to spread Christmas cheer.

Who will “ho ho ho” in the night and fill stockings with joy?

Who will steer the reindeer and the sleigh full of toys?

Speaking of toys, where did all those things go?

The hoverboards, the tablets, for Sally and Joe?


Come to think of it, the entire warehouse was empty.

Where there once were boxes, now there aren’t any.

Fred took off and tore down Candy Cane Lane.

He took the next right, where it intersected with Main.


He ran right up to the red door with a wreath,

The one that said “Claus” on the name tape underneath.

He rang the doorbell, “Jingle Bells” was the tune.

The door opened wide, to a well lit room.


There he was, jolly old Saint Nick,

For a hefty guy, he sure moved pretty quick.

“Can I help you?” he smiled as he invited Fred in.

“Uh, yeah”, Fred said, “Where have you been?”


“It’s the night before Christmas. We’ve got stuff to do.

The reindeer, the sleigh, and your suit to press, too!

Santa, the warehouse is empty. Every toy is gone.

From Suzie’s Barbie to the Switch for John.

How did this happen? And why are you so flip?

We have mere hours to prep for this trip!”


Santa patted Fred on his little pointy-eared head.

“Don’t worry, my friend, there’s no need for the sled.

In fact, you can rest easy, I did something new.

I outsourced our storage to a team in DFW.


Eagle Express, they call themselves, they’re a jolly bunch.

I called them one evening on a wild hunch.

They answered, despite the large difference in time.

They made a transportation plan even better than mine.


Warehousing space for all our new toys!

Picking and packing services for our good girls and boys.

Fulfillment experts are moving the items from East to West,

I trust them wholeheartedly, they are the best.


Those special deliveries, they’ve got ‘em in the bag.

Frozen and fragile, 1 hour delivery with no lag.

This year I’ve given myself a great gift,

I’ll sit and relax, not one finger I’ll lift.


Delivery experts in Dallas are on it.

Give the reindeer the night off, go tell Comet.”

With that the old man ushered Fred out the door,

With newfound freedom, Fred had big plans in store.


Merrily Fred skipped, back to the empty warehouse,

Delivered the news, and a great cheer aroused.

The entire North Pole was off for the season,

The experts at Eagle Express were the reason.  


These days if you end up in a delivery bind,

Call our holiday couriers, they won’t mind.

They’ll move your items, scheduled or super rush.

With state of the art tech, there’ll be no communication hush.


The moral of the story, you see, is quite clear:

If you’re expecting another great business year,

Outsource your transportation, and logistics, too!

At Eagle Express, we’re here to help you.



Call us on the phone, or contact us here,

And get back to that feel-good Christmas cheer.

Put up your feet, give us a holler.

A live expert is waiting for each and every caller.


If a 3PL partner worked great for Santa,

You can imagine what it’d do for you, can’t ya?

May your holiday be merry, and may it be bright.

It can if you get your logistics plan right!


Merry Christmas from your number one DFW transportation and logistics provider- Eagle Express.