Before You Schedule a Refrigerated Straight Truck Delivery, Know This

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Sun, Jun 09, 2019 @ 10:04 PM

Eagle Express, Refrigerated Straight Truck Delivery

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Isn’t that what your Grandpa always told you…after he handed you the push mower and set you in front of the grass hill in his front yard? If your business requires cold transportation of any kind, you know that finding appropriate transportation for your time and temperature sensitive items can be a complex task. It’s one that certainly shouldn’t be rushed.


As you consider the many options you have for refrigerated straight truck delivery in Dallas, take your time and gather the facts. Most importantly, before you make your courier selection, consider finding a courier who can deliver anything, anytime, anywhere:


Deliver Anything

No matter what industry you’re a part of, your refrigerated delivery team should be able to handle the items you need transported. That means food deliverieshealthcare items, artwork, cosmetics, and other temperature controlled items (and even some items you didn’t know needed temperature control) should all be easily transported by your courier of choice.


Sometimes, the ability to deliver anything comes with required training and certification. Ensure that your courier has training and certification in food handling, OSHA, HIPAA, and proper licensure to operate heavy machinery and commercial vehicles. It’s also vital that your courier is fully insured. A courier like Eagle Express plans for the best, and nearly every time executes the job successfully. But for those unplanned moments, a courier who is fully insured with A rated providers can give you peace of mind.


Deliver Anytime

Refrigerated deliveries can happen any time of day or night. Sometimes they’re scheduled to occur overnight, as to restock a store or lab before opening hours. Other times they’re needed on an urgent basis, within the hour or on a weekend after hours. No matter when you need your refrigerated straight truck delivery, the right courier can deliver anything anytime.


Thanks to state of the art technology to map routes and shipments, drivers can move your cold products around unforeseen circumstances like rush hour or traffic accidents. No matter when or where the vehicle is on the road, experienced couriers can make your delivery on time and in excellent condition.



To Anywhere

We love North Texas, but that doesn’t mean we’re limited to deliveries within this region. A great courier like Eagle Express can move your items, no matter what they are, no matter when they need to move, to any location in the continental United States.


A full range of route and vehicle options means your deliveries can move anywhere. Sure, a refrigerated straight truck delivery is a great option for moving large cargo to a distribution center outside of Dallas, but a great courier also offers refrigerated vans to move your products to residential or otherwise congested areas that straight trucks can’t travel.


Couriers can also move your refrigerated goods on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis. Delivering to the same location time after time is even more dependable when you have a professional, friendly driver making the on time delivery for every stop on your scheduled route.


In short, when it comes to refrigerated straight truck deliveries or reefer van deliveries, do it right.  Partner with a great courier who can deliver anything, anytime, to anywhere.


Eagle Express has been doing just that for over 37 years. With a dogged commitment to honesty and integrity, your goods, no matter how sensitive, are in great hands. Contact us today to schedule your next delivery in DFW.