Same Day Deliveries Dallas: Spring Cleaning

Aynsley Kindig About The Author

Thu, Mar 13, 2014 @ 08:26 AM

Spring hasn’t quite sprung, but I promise, it’s just around the corner. All of this “wintry mix” and sub-freezing temps will soon be behind us. In about three months, we will be longing for these cool days, so enjoy while you can. As the weather starts to warm, and you begin to emerge from our wintry hibernation, you might notice that things are a little…dirty. That’s what spring cleaning is for! The employees of our Same Day Deliveries Dallas unit are incredibly organized. They have to be when a customer calls and needs a courier that very day! They’ve offered their spring cleaning “to do” list so you’ll know where to start when it comes to sprucing up for spring.

Windows- Depending on the state of your windows, you may not even be able to tell that spring is coming. Every day may look dreary, but that’s not the weather, that’s just the gunk leftover on the outside of your glass. It’s easy to keep windows clean from the inside all year, but once a year, give them a deep clean inside and out. Remove the window screens and rinse them with a hose. Then, use a cloth and gently scrub away any dirt (or dead bugs). Same Day Deliveries Dallas has a secret potion for cleaning the glass: a bucket of warm water, ¼ cup of white vinegar, and a teaspoon of dish detergent. Use some elbow grease, or invest in one of those sprayers you attach to your hose, and get to work!

Baseboards- It’s backbreaking work, but somebody’s gotta do it! When I was younger, it was a form of punishment. So, if you have older kids who may have a problem with making curfew, enlist in their free labor. Begin by vacuuming them. If you have a brush attachment, use that. Then, spray them with an all-purpose cleaner. Lastly, rinse them with a wet rag and dry them off. If your back isn’t breaking yet, once the baseboard are clean, rub them with a dryer sheet. This will help prevent new dust from forming.

Gutters-. Gutters are designed to move excess water away from your home and foundation. If they’re clogged, they can’t do their job properly. Use a ladder, some empty grocery bags, and a pair of gloves to get the job done. Remember, never reach more than an arm’s length away when you’re on top of the ladder, and always have a buddy around in case of an emergency.

Cupboards- You never know what you’re going to find in my pantry. Sometimes it’s a nice surprise (so that’s where I hid the Girl Scout cookies!), sometimes it’s not a nice surprise (ant infestation of the century, part two). Clean out the shelves and spray with an all-purpose cleaner or bleach spray. Line the shelves with paper, as this will make it easier to clean in the future. Repeat this process with the rest of your kitchen cupboards, the bathrooms, and, if you’re feeling energetic, the garage. You may want to wait until the weekend before your bulk trash pickup. Or, if you’re like my family, you need a trip to the dump afterwards. Then you need to call Same Day Deliveries Dallas replenish your pantry because you threw away everything.

Dust- With the house shut tight, dust has had all winter to settle in some of the most annoying places. This includes curtains, light fixtures, and even couch cushions! Take down the curtains and wash thoroughly. Get in touch with your inner monkey and climb up to dust light fixtures in your bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. Wash the couch pillows and slipcovers as directed.

Of course, the best way to keep from having to spring clean all spring is to stick with a monthly cleaning regimen all year, like our super-organized Same Day Deliveries Dallas bunch. But just in case you aren’t quite that on top of things, make sure you add these items to your spring cleaning list to ensure a healthy and clean start to spring.