Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers: How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin

Aynsley Kindig About The Author

Thu, Oct 30, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

I’m a poor judge of character- at least when it comes to produce. I really don’t know what I’m looking for, and I tend to come home with something that either never ripens or something that goes soft and disintegrates in a matter of hours after removing it from my shopping bag. Halloween is no exception. My pumpkins end up mush before I can carve them, or they are impossible to cut into, and I end up spending half the night stabbing away, praying with each cut that I make it to Thanksgiving with all ten fingers. This year, I could really use the help of an expert!

The Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers are certainly experts. They’re the professionals at transporting your route deliveries all across the great state of Texas. While they aren’t necessarily experts in produce, they do know a thing or two about picking the perfect pumpkin. So pay close attention, all you Jack ‘o Lantern challenged pumpkin pickers! Here’s the scoop:

Have a plan- Know what you’re going to carve your pumpkin into before you head to the patch. That way you can pick a pumpkin with a shape that suits your purpose. If you’re creating a spooky scene, you’ll want a squat, short one. A Dracula pumpkin would need to be tall and skinny. Or…

Option B- If you’re not into carving, you could always paint your pumpkin. If you take this route, look for a pumpkin with shallow ribbing and a smooth surface. 

Not too big, not too small- Pumpkin experts (real ones, not just the knowledgeable (Scheduled Route Couriers Dallas) say that medium sized pumpkins are best for carving. The pumpkin should also feel heavy for its size. 

Don’t go green- Save the “green” for recycling and cash; when it comes to pumpkins, you don’t want any green. Look for an all orange pumpkin. One that has any green will not likely ripen further. 

Mush test- Pumpkins should be firm all the way around. If you feel any softness, this can indicate decay on the inside. Pumpkins should be completely hard, like a cantaloupe or watermelon. If you feel a mushy part, toss that pumpkin to the side (gently).

Knock, knock- Who’s there? Thick walls. Thick walls, who? Thick walls that are too hard to carve through and are better reserved for baking. Ok, so it’s not the best joke, but this is serious business. Your perfect carving pumpkin should sound hollow when you knock on it. This means there is less wall and more gooey inside- perfect carving conditions.

Scratch off- While you won’t win the lotto jackpot, you might hit the pumpkin jackpot if you scratch a little on the pumpkin’s surface. The Dallas Route Deliveries say a good pumpkin will not give in to light scratching with your fingernail. 

Stem check- Check the condition of your pumpkin’s stem. It should be firmly attached. If you can bend or break the stem, that pumpkin is a no-go. A green stem would tell you the gourd was freshly harvested, which would increase your likelihood of a sturdy, strong carving pumpkin. Never hold the pumpkin by the stem. It’s not a handle, and you’re likely to drop the pumpkin this way.

Look for character- Like any good relationship, the definition of “perfect” is different for everyone. Don’t be afraid to pick a pumpkin with a little…character. A lopsided dome might be perfect for carving your Quasimodo pumpkin. A lump or two might be just what you needed for your Starry Night at the Graveyard scene. Our Dallas Scheduled Deliveries aren’t afraid of uniqueness, and neither should you be.

Alright, Dallas Scheduled Route Couriers blog readers, your perfect Halloween pumpkin awaits! Get to picking!