Dallas Medical Courier Service: Battling the Holiday Sickness

Aynsley Kindig About The Author

Tue, Dec 09, 2014 @ 07:30 AM

The holidays are a time for sharing. Just ask our Dallas Medical Courier Service. They share holiday cheer, Christmas cookies, and even a hug every once in a while! You know what they also share? Germs.

Sure, nobody likes to think about all those creepy crawly bacteria and viruses that lurk around every holiday nook and cranny. You bring them with you to Grandma’s house. You wrap them up in your present to Aunt Rosemary. They’re baked right into those Christmas cookies you’re about to enjoy. Alright, that’s enough! Our Healthcare Couriers Dallas isn’t here to Scrooge you out of your holiday joy, but we do like our customers to stay healthy all through the holidays, even if that means touching on an otherwise “icky” subject. This blog is dedicated to tips that are proven to ward off sickness, especially during the holiday season.

Be a Grinch: If you’re ill this holiday, stay inside your snowy cave in the mountains, and don’t come out until Christmas is over. During the holiday season, people who are sick and wouldn’t normally leave their homes tend to venture out. Whether they have prior commitments or just have too much to get done, the season draws people out into the open public when they should be staying away. The holidays mean a lot more contact with a lot more people. Don’t be the guy that spreads holiday cheer with the side of flu. If you’re sick, be a Grinch.

Stick with your routine: Believe me, our Fast Medical Deliveries in Dallas team knows how busy the holidays can get. With packed schedules during the end of the year rush, it can be hard to keep with your regular routine of diet, exercise, and sleep. However, when you veer from your body’s known course, you can throw everything out of whack- including your immune system. Even if you don’t have time for your normal exercise routine, do something to stay active. Be diligent about eating fruits and vegetables (along with your pumpkin pie and sugar cookies), and get as much sleep as you can (which might mean foregoing your 4 AM Black Friday plans).

Stay hydrated: Water is especially important if you’re travelling. It will help prevent swelling, and it will keep your digestive system regular. Additionally, the high calorie drinks, alcohol, and sugar found in many of our holiday beverages can really do a number on your immune system. Drink up, and remember not to share that drink! Saliva is one of the fastest ways to pass on a virus or bacteria.

Woosah: Stress releases a hormone call cortisol, which actually lowers your immunity and makes you susceptible to illness. The holidays can be stressful. Whether you’re fretting how your turkey will cook, what gifts to buy, or just about being in the same room with Cousin Henry, worries can easily take over. Try to de-stress and take some time to yourself. Lower your stress level and boost your immunity.

Wash your hands: You are hustling and bustling throughout the mall, grocery shopping for holiday treats, and sharing the peanut bowl with all your favorite people. These are all necessary tasks during this season, but all those people, places, and things mean a lot of germs. The best way to prevent yourself from getting sick is to wash your hands. Wash your hands. WASH YOUR HANDS! Can our Medical Lab Delivery Service Dallas team get any more obvious? Warm water, for at least 30 seconds. That means you should be able to sing your ABC’s while lathering.

Our Dallas Medical Courier Service knows you have many things to share this holiday season. We just hope your germs aren’t one of them!