Food Logistics Dallas: Superbowl Snackdown

Aynsley Kindig About The Author

Thu, Jan 29, 2015 @ 06:54 AM

My Food Logistics Dallas friends at Eagle Express tell me there’s a big football game coming up next week. I don’t know much about that, but what I do know is a week from now I will be snacking my way through four quarters of a feeding frenzy. Everyone knows that the best part about the Super Bowl is the food. Or, at least it comes in at a close second, right?

The average person will consume about 1200 calories and 50 grams of fat during the game. For most of us, that’s an entire day’s worth of food! It seems to me that the Super Bowl directly contradicts that New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, but the Refrigerated Food Logistics Dallas team tells me it doesn’t have to. There are ways to enjoy your most favorite Super Bowl snacks without blowing your diet. Here are some healthy spins on your favorite splurges for your Superbowl Snackdown menu:

Chips and Dip: Skip the creamy dips and go for hummus with baked tortilla chips. Not only will you save nearly half the calories, but you’ll be getting a great serving of iron, protein, and fiber in the hummus. Plus, there are tons of ways to spice up your hummus by adding red pepper puree, garlic, or even artichokes to retain some of the flavor of that fattening artichoke dip you didn’t serve this year. (Believe the Dallas Food Logistics Transportation team, you won’t miss it!)

Sliders: Instead of high fat red meat, opt for low fat lean white meat turkey. You can still add all the fixins, and you’ll still get a great tasting mini burger, but you’ll save nearly 10 grams fat. If you’re really looking to shed calories, you can wrap your sliders in lettuce, opting out of the empty carbs of a hamburger bun.

Potato skins: You can enjoy everything you love about potato skins with one slight change- skip the white potatoes and go with a sweet potato. These guys are fat-free, have less calories than a regular potato, and they’re chalk full of excellent vitamins and nutrients. Mix up the insides with a little butter, chives, and turkey bacon, then top with light sour cream. Our Dallas Food Transportation experts say you may never go back to the old version.

Chili: Chili is actually a really solid Super Bowl snack as it is. Loaded with protein and fiber, it will keep you full and just might keep you away from the other more diet-dangerous foods around. Start with low fat content beef or even opt for low fat turkey. Stick with black beans or red beans, and toss in as many veggies as you can find. Light versions of the toppings like reduced fat cheese and fat free sour cream add a little flavor without adding too much fat and calories. Keep the Fritos out of this dish, and you have yourself a tasty and healthy meal.

Wings: Chicken wings! The staple of man-food! Chicken, even the dark meat, is a really great source of protein. The problem comes when you batter and fry it. Instead of going for the deep-fried version of this Super Bowl favorite, opt for an awesome marinade of garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice and bake them.

Dessert: It’s not a party without some chocolate, am I right Food Logistics Delivery Service Dallas folks? Instead of brownies, cookies, or cakes, keep your dessert fruit based. Try out fruit bites on a skewer. Layer pineapple, apples, and strawberries on the stick, then drizzle with chocolate. You’ll save some calories by drizzling the chocolate instead of dipping the fruit in chocolate, and you’ll have less of a mess to clean up afterwards. I don’t care what the outcome of the game is, that’s a win in my book.

Don’t let the Super Bowl snacking get you off track from your diet goals. These expert tips provided by the Food Logistics Dallas team are great alternatives to your everyday Super Bowl menu.