Dallas Couriers: One Day Without Shoes

Aynsley Kindig About The Author

Tue, Apr 05, 2011 @ 09:38 AM

If you notice any barefoot people today, do not be alarmed! It’s a social awareness project started by a growing shoe company, TOMS. It’s called “One Day Without Shoes,” and I think it is downright awesome. Every one of our Dallas couriers who comes into the office today will be hearing about One Day Without Shoes from me!

So, what’s the point? Around the world, hundreds of thousands of people do not have shoes. While or closets are full of a variety of colors and styles, there are children who have been barefoot their entire lives. As it turns out, being barefoot is incredibly dangerous and makes you susceptible to a variety of diseases. Just imagine for a moment walking around in downtown Dallas without shoes. If our Dallas couriers did that all day every day, they would be picking up all sorts of infections and diseases. Unfortunately, these diseases and infectoins are reality for these children.

TOMS decided to do something about it. A Day Without Shoes promotes giving shoes to children in developing nations. Shoes can allow them to go to school and may even save their life. If you (or any of our Dallas couriers) don’t know what TOMS is, here is a quick rundown.

Blake Mycoskie was in Argentina in 2006 when he noticed the lack of shoes on the country’s children. Determined to change this reality, he came back the U.S. and started TOMS shoe company. The premise? Buy a pair of TOMS shoes, and a pair is donated to child in need. The company has skyrocketed since its founding. People love the cause and the shoes!

Our Dallas courier team wanted to be a part of One Day Without Shoes, so that’s why we are dedicating this blog to TOMS efforts. There are people across the world who don’t have something we consider commonplace: shoes. For them, shoes are a luxury they have yet to experience. We can change all that. Buy TOMS. Give money. Give prayer.

Our Dallas couriers believe that giving is one of the greatest parts of life. Wouldn’t it be a shame if we let opportunities pass us by? This is a great chance to start conversations with others about why you are barefoot. Awareness is needed, and you, me, our Dallas courierswe are the answer to that need. Let’s get talking and barefoot walking! One last thing – our Dallas couriers tip our hats to you, TOMS Shoes, for the work that you do, the outreach you have and the impact you make on children each and every day.

For more information on One Day Without Shoes & TOMS, visit:http://www.toms.com/