Dallas Delivery Service: Batter Up!

Aynsley Kindig About The Author

Fri, Apr 08, 2011 @ 09:00 AM

You been watching the Rangers lately? If you haven’t, you might want to jump on the fan train asap. If you don’t, you’re going to miss out on some really, really, really great baseball.

You’ve probably noticed from other blog posts that our Dallas delivery service team is chalk full of baseball people. We cheered them on long before they went to the World Series, and we’d like to continue cheering them onto another ALCS championship. You can find our Dallas couriers hitting up the ballpark during their off days. You can find me there too!

What’s so great about the Texas Rangers? Well, glad you asked! That’s our topic for today’s Dallas delivery service blog!

  • Our Players. We’ve got the best of the best! Our Texas Rangers are all kinds of good. On top of that, they are classy players – Josh Hamilton is a great example of that. Our Dallas couriers love him!
  • Our plays. Anybody watching Kinsler, Beltre, Young, Cruz, Feliz, Andrus, Moreland – the list goes on and on. In Wednesday’s game, Beltre and Young made some awesome plays that had fans in the ballpark and at home on their feet!
  • Our Uniforms. Sure this is a bit superficial, but our uniforms are great. They just scream “TEXAS” to me!
  • Dollar Hotdog Night. Baseball is great. But add hotdogs and you’ve got a recipe for success. And they are one dollar – ONE DOLLAR, people! This alone keeps our Dallas delivery service team members happy at a game.
  • Ron Washington. This guy is the greatest. He is a coach who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, when he thinks it. He also shows a lot of heart on the field, and as a fan, I appreciate that. “That’s the way baseball go.” I think our Dallas delivery service president should change our motto to: “that’s the way courier service go.”
  • Sweeps. We are starting off the season on the right foot – two sweeps. Bye-bye Red Sox & Mariners. They’ve got a long journey home.

Like I said, if you aren’t currently following the Rangers – then you need to. Baseball is, after all, America’s favorite pastime. Wouldn’t be a shame if you or any of those on our Dallas delivery service team missed on this great season? The crack of the bat; the smell of popcorn and cotton candy; the sun beating down; the lights coming up; the cheers from an excited and sell-out crowd. That’s Texas Rangers baseball. BATTER UP!