Texas Statewide Distant Deliveries: As Seen on T.V.

Aynsley Kindig About The Author

Thu, Jun 02, 2011 @ 09:00 AM

Admission: I love infomercials. It’s weird, I know, but honestly, I can’t help it. Sometimes, late at  night, after my husband has gone to sleep, I flip on the television and go straight to any infomercial I can find. I don’t care what it is, I just like to watch them. And of course, I imagine somewhere a Dallas Courier is awake awaiting a 24 hour Dallas delivery route, and I imagine he/she is watching same infomercial with me. Wishful thinking, I know. But there have to be other people like me – there just have to be!

Just what makes infomercials so enticing? A few things actually. First, the product talkers have so much to say. It is incredible! Next, the product talkers are generally hilarious. It cracks me up. And finally, the products are generally pretty innovative. Makes me want to purchase.

Albeit a strange blog topic, I figured I would give a run-down of my all-time favorite As-Seen-On-T.V. products. I hope our Dallas courier team doesn’t make too much fun of me for my obsession. In any case, here goes nothing!

  • Ped Egg. This one is fabulous (and actually works!). Yes, yes, I bought the Ped Egg. Since I work for a Dallas courier company, I am on my feet all the time. The Ped Egg does wonders for making my feet beach-ready all year round.
  • Perfect Brownie Pan. Oh this is a great one! Make brownies that all have edges! Now, what genius thought of that one? I can think of quite a few Dallas couriers who would love this device…
  • Aqua Globes. Another product that I purchased. The Aqua Globes water your plants while you’re away. These are especially good for our Texas statewide couriers Dallas to Austin couriers, Dallas to Houston couriers, Dallas to San Antonio couriers and Dallas to Waco couriers. They should be re-named genius globes!
  • RediSetGo Cooker. Now, I don’t like this one for it’s usefulness. I like this one because the woman and man who promote it are hilarious. He grabs food right out of the cooker and eats it when it is bound to be burning his mouth off! Plus, I love her enthusiasm. A great late-night watch if you ask me.
  • Slap Chop Chopper. This guy is nuts. I love it. He reminds me of the OxiClean guy (RIP). Gotta love his peppy excitement about a product that chops things into small, bitesize pieces. Thanks for being spunky, guy!
  • One Touch Can Opener. Are you a senior citizen that has a hard time with those difficult old fashioned can openers? Struggle no more. This easy, breezy can opener is your new hero.
  • Mighty Putty. If you haven’t seen this infomercial, you need to. It’s a great laugh. Who would honestly put their coffee cup back together with puddy? Ever heard of tossing it and just buying a new one? No? ok, then Mighty Putty it is!

If you aren’t an infomercial guru like me, you should at least try it out. And yes, that includes you, my wonderful Dallas couriers. Laugh all you want at me, or just go ahead and laugh with me!