Pre-Holiday Pump-Up from Couriers DFW

Aynsley Kindig About The Author

Fri, Nov 04, 2011 @ 10:39 AM

Best Couriers DallasSome people get face lifts. Some people buy new clothes. Some people whiten their teeth. Some people cut their hair. Some people get a massage. Some people go on vacation. Some people vow to sleep more. Some people swear they will exercise. Some people drink more water.

Our people smile.

Just what am I talking about? I am talking about being the best – not just the best couriers Dallas, but to be the best you can be no matter the industry you’re in.

Being the best in your industry means staying upbeat. And that’s what I was implying in the opening of this blog. To stay upbeat, people do a lot of things. But I’ll tell you something – all the tricks in the world don’t beat the easiest one of all: smiling.

Smiling is a natural pump-up for your mind, body and spirit. Sure, new clothes are nice. So are vacations. But smiling is free and it can change your day.

What’s got me thinking about smiling? My front door. I know, it sounds weird. But listen up and it will all make sense. This past weekend, I decided my house needed a pick-me-up. Things were looking sad… really sad. I don’t have the money to relandscape or get a new roof or pay for new shutters. But a facelift was still needed. My home wasn’t looking friendly.

My home was not at its best. It’s like a DFW courier not being on time or not being friendly. It’s like a courier Dallas not smiling. That’s no good. You want to be the best. I wanted my home to be the best.

What did I do? I got DIY crazy. I decided to make my home smile. At Eagle Express, we believe in friendly. It’s a part of who we are. Whether we are making local DFW healthcare deliveries or we are handling Dallas to Austin deliveries, we make it a point to smile.
Just how do you make your home smile? I’ll tell you. Paint your front door. The front door is like a smile. When it is sad and worn, your home looks like it is frowning. When it is freshly painted, people will feel welcome.

I decided to go with red. Red is a friendly color, and obviously reminds me of a smile. After sanding the door priming and painting it, my home was truly transformed. Consider changing your attitude this season. As we enter the holidays, join your favorite of all courier companies in Dallas and be the best you can be. Try smiling – it will be like painting a front door – things will change for the better.