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Tue, Mar 20, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

Courier Services Dallas

Yesterday, I gave you a list of must-ask questions when choosing between courier companies in Dallas. Well, today, I am answering them for you on behalf of our team here at Eagle Express. Hey, I am making your job a little easier, eh? Let’s get this party started:

  1. Can I put jobs in online, track them in real time and receive a confirmation email? Yes, yes and yes. Our online services are user-friendly. You can put jobs in online and know exactly what’s going on with your delivery at any point. And if you don’t want to check online, just call us. We will update via phone.
  2. Can I view my invoices online? Yes. We also allow you to sort your invoices online – makes it easy for your accounting department. Trust me, they will thank you.
  3. Do the couriers wear professional uniforms? Our couriers wear a uniform of khaki shorts or pants and a logo-embroidered blue button-down. We believe that our couriers are an extension of you. So we always want to look our best.
  4. Do you deliver outside of the Metroplex? Whether it’s a Dallas to Austin delivery or to Waxahachie, we are ready to deliver wherever, whenever.
  5. Do you offer a variety of services including bobtail deliveries, medical deliveries and refrigerated food deliveries? We literally deliver it all. Medical specimens, lab results, photographs, furniture, bank deposits, wine, documents, architectural drawings, dental devices, medical records – and so much more!
  6. Do you deliver 24 hours per day? We deliver 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. You can call us any time of day or night and a real person will answer the phone and help you. That’s good service!
  7. Do you offer a variety of vehicle sizes? If you need a car or a bobtail, we can accommodate your needs. You will get used the process of telling us if you need a specific vehicle type.  
  8. Are you on time? We are proud of our 98% on-time rate. We take personal responsibility for each and every delivery we handle. That’s why our rate is honest. If a courier company boasts of a 100% on-time rate, you better start asking some tough questions!
  9. Do you have warehousing capabilities? We offer Dallas warehousing and redistribution for any amount of time – be it a day or five years. We will pick it up, store it and drop it off. Just call.
  10. Can I set up a scheduled route in DFW? Absolutely. Setting up a route means that you don’t have to call it in every day or week. We will be there, no questions asked. Easy as pie.
  11. Is your website updated or is it outdated and not user friendly? We are constantly updating our website. We believe in staying up with the technology curve – whether it’s real-time tracking or Twitter – we’ve got it!
  12. Can I actually talk to someone when I call your phone or is it a voicemail system? We have real people answering our phones. Call us old fashioned, but we believe in live service.
  13. How much experience do you have in the delivery industry? Eagle Express just celebrated its 30th birthday in early March! Talk about longevity!
  14. 14.  Do you have any loyal clients who have been with you for many years? Since our beginning, we have had a variety of clients who have been with us. 30 years is a long relationship, and we are truly honored to continue serving each of them.

There you have it – the must-ask questions for choosing a courier company. Sure, there will be industry and company specific questions for you, but at least you have a guideline now. And be sure to call our team at Eagle Express. We are ready to answer any and every question!

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