Dallas Bank Deliveries: Wheelin’ and Dealin’

Aynsley Kindig About The Author

Mon, Aug 12, 2013 @ 07:17 AM

At Eagle Express, our Dallas Bank Deliveries division likes a good deal. Coincidentally, so do I! Unfortunately, in our society, bartering is not often welcome with such enthusiasm unless you are at swap meet. You won’t hear the person in front of you at the grocery store say to the checker “$50?? I’ll give you $40 and I’ll give you cash on the spot. Tell you what, I’ll even bag my own bananas!”

It just isn’t commonplace to try and get a deal on your everyday goods. That’s why when you are given the opportunity to negotiate a good deal, you should take advantage of it! Dallas Bank Deliveries wants to see your hard earned dollars spent wisely, so that is why we’d like to give you some suggestions about where you can find the best deals around, and practice your poker face at the same time.

Craigslist is where I like to start my good deal hunting. This online ad placement site gets a bad name because of notable instances where less than honest people sell questionable items (or other people…), and while I don’t want to make light of those dangers, Craigslist can be a source of some excellent deals. Not only can you barter your way to a new handbag or bicycle, you can even purchase a car on this site (I speak from experience)!  And when you’re done with these items, you can sell them again! You post your items anonymously; no one has to know your personal information, as your post is given a link where the viewer can e-mail instead of e-mailing you directly. Then, you can pick a public place to make the exchange. I like to meet at banks, such as those where Dallas Bank Deliveries frequents, because they are often in a busy location in the event that you need back up. Just be smart about your transactions- never go alone, if it is a large sum of money, make it in a cashier’s check, and never give out your personal address or phone number.

Facebook is another place where you can find some stellar deals. Most cities have a buy/sell site similar to a garage sale. Search your city and the words “swap” or “sell” and see what groups you can join that are specifically created to sell used items.  Users post their items for sale along with pictures and prices, and the rest of us are left to bid on the items we see. Same rules apply here- meet in a public place and don’t give your personal info to strangers OR post it on the site itself. Dallas Bank Deliveries loves a great deal, but we also want you to be safe while you pursue one.

Community garage sales are another more traditional way to save some cash. Remember the days when you used to drive around on Saturday mornings cruising neighborhoods for garage sale signs? Those days aren’t gone, but they are so last millennium! Now, you can peruse the paper, your city’s website, or even Craigslist, to find upcoming garage sales. Try to find the big community sales when the HOA or neighborhood sponsors a group sale. That way, you can hit up numerous houses all within walking distance providing more opportunities for more deals. Here’s a tip: Break up your cash into smaller increments and store in different areas- your pocket, your wallet, your sock. That way you can make an offer without showing your whole stock of bills.

Dallas Bank Deliveries knows you work hard for your money, so why not get the best deals you can? While you’re at it, you can use these suggestions to sell your items, too. Just make sure you are smart about your transactions and practice safe swapping!