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Kayla Palesky About The Author

Fri, Aug 09, 2019 @ 05:02 PM

Eagle Express, Courier Service in Dallas

How did you find out about Eagle Express courier service in Dallas? Did you do a simple Google search? Were you referred by a friend? Did Twitter suggest us as someone you might like to follow?



No matter how you found out, chances are, you don’t know us well. You might already know that we offer dozens of services to suit your needs, or that we’re available 24/7 at your disposal. You might have experienced our commitment to on time deliveries, or our 45 minute super rush services.


If you haven’t, though, we’d like you to meet our couriers. Here are a few things we’d like you to know about the Eagle Express team:


We’re Certified to Carry Your Medical and Food Items

As a full service logistics provider, we carry all sorts of items, including those that require a little extra training and certification- like medical and food items. Our couriers are HIPAA and OSHA certified, and we’re schooled in FDA requirements for shipping and storing medications, food, and beverages. We have the knowledge and the tools to handle it all, including refrigerated vehicles and storage space


We’re Fully Insured

Rest easy when your items are with Eagle Express’s courier service in Dallas. Our business and our couriers are insured with A rated providers. We protect our team and your items with varying policies including liability, theft and loss coverage, and automobile insurance. Our commitment to responsible transportation means we don’t normally need these provisions, but in the rare case of an unexpected event, we’ve got you (and ourselves) covered.


Our Drivers are Uniformed and Easily Identified

It’s tough to trust a courier who you can’t identify. You’ll never have this problem with our team. Eagle Express’s drivers are uniformed with a blue, logo clad polo shirt and khakis. We also carry identification and are in constant contact with our dispatchers, just in case there’s ever a question. When you work with Eagle Express, you’ll never have to wonder whether your package made it into the right hands.


We Offer White Glove Services

Our couriers are so next level, they’re ready to take care of any of your next level needs. Need a package carried up a few flights of stairs? Sure thing. Want your items to be set up and the packaging disposed of? Of course! We’re happy to serve, and those extra services you need or want can usually be accommodated.


We’re Focused on Honesty and Integrity

Last, but certainly not least, our couriers want you to know just how important honesty and integrity is to our business model. In fact, it’s everything. We believe that by keeping our service to Jesus Christ at the forefront of operations, we’re able to serve our customers the way they deserve to be treated. Keeping our primary focus as such makes everything else fall into place. You might find couriers who are competitive in pricing, or even couriers who offer lower prices than ours. But what you won’t find is a courier who provides our level of service at our price point. We guarantee it.


Ready to meet our team? You can, anytime of day or night. When you contact eagle Express, a live member of our staff will be available to answer the phone. No need to speak to an automated robot system when you have urgent delivery requests.


We’re equipped and trained to move all types of products. If you don’t see your product on our website, just ask. Chances are, we can accommodate. Our team would love to meet you and come up with a unique plan of action that serves your business well.


Contact us today!