Couriers That Serve Dallas Need to Prioritize Readiness

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Fri, Feb 07, 2020 @ 07:22 PM

Eagle Express, Couriers That Serve Dallas

Generally speaking, when you hear the term “readiness”, it’s in relation to a military operations. The Armed Forces talk about combat readiness, the doctrine that states units must be capable to perform functions consistent with their purpose- always. It’s this mindset that ensures our troops are prepared for anything and everything that comes their way to keep our country safe and uphold the foundations of the United States of America.


In the war for on time deliveries, couriers that serve Dallas must also be ready to perform the functions for which they were organized. Is your courier mission capable at all times? We can’t speak for the other hundreds of so-called delivery professionals in the Metroplex, but we can speak for Eagle Express.


Readiness is our middle name. (Well. It would be. If we had one.) Here’s how your Eagle team stays mission capable:



In the Air Force, they have a saying: If it’s in the air, a maintainer put it there. It’s true Maintenance is essential. In fact, it might be the most important piece to the delivery puzzle. If you have a capable delivery team, an on call driver, and a packaged load, but the vehicle doesn’t run, you don’t have a delivery.


Scheduled maintenance is a sacrifice. It takes time and money, but at Eagle Express, we believe in fixing things before they become a problem. That’s why we’re committed to preventative maintenance to ensure our fleet is safe and mission ready at all times.



Every military member goes through a basic training course. After that, they take refresher courses and upgrade training courses to ensure they’re prepared for anything that comes their way.


Our team feels the same way. Training is not just beneficial, oftentimes it’s the law. Our couriers are trained in many different facets, including:




Practically speaking, readiness also means being ready at any time. How would we complete such a task if we weren’t available to customers 24/7? There are hundreds of couriers that serve Dallas, but there are only a select few who do so unceasingly.


No matter what time of day or night you call Eagle Express, you’re treated to a live member of our team. No phone trees. No annoying robot menu options. Just the professionals of Eagle Express- even at 2 AM!


Focus on Honesty and Integrity

For us here at Eagle Express, it would be impossible to display readiness if we left out our two foundational principles of honesty and integrity. If we’re not focused on serving with these principles, we’re not ready…for anything.


Keeping that in mind, we remain steadfast in our morals in every step of the delivery process. From honest quotes to background checked drivers to carrying a full suite of insurance to protect ourselves and our customers, we believe in doing things the right way- always.


How would you rate your business’ readiness level? Are you ready and able to serve your customers with your full potential? With a transportation team that prioritizes readiness, you can be.


You have your choice of couriers that serve Dallas. When you have urgent or even scheduled delivery needs, you want a delivery professional that is ready for anything. Eagle Express has been serving the Metroplex’s transportation and logistics needs for nearly 40 years. In those four decades, we’ve adapted to the changing business environment and found ways to serve all types of industries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Contact us at 214-351-5777. We’re ready for you.