Give Thanks, Get Peace of Mind

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Nov 26, 2019 @ 04:01 PM

Eagle Express, Dallas Medical Courier

Deliveries throughout DFW can be cumbersome. I mean, have you ever tried to get from South Dallas to Uptown at 5PM on a Friday? Frustrating, time consuming, even dangerous are all words associated with DFW deliveries at certain times and locations throughout the Metroplex. Consider that process to be even more stressful when you’re moving medical specimens or healthcare supplies. These items require special handling, temperature control, and prior training in order to be safely transported.


Thankfully, your DFW healthcare deliveries are made immensely less stressful with the assistance of a Dallas medical courier. Not only can we assure your items will be transported appropriately, as guided by federal regulations for patient privacy and hazardous material handling, we can deliver you peace of mind. You’ll be placated knowing you won’t be traveling on the wild and crazy North Texas highways, and that your sensitive healthcare items are in the knowledgeable hands of an expert.


That kind of peace of mind is priceless.


The good news is, though, even if you’re not in need of a Dallas medical courier, that serenity can be replicated this season. As we near the business of the holidays, peace of mind is essential to mental health. Experts suggest one of the best ways to lift your spirits is to give thanks.


How appropriate! Giving thanks during the Thanksgiving holiday! But this act of gratitude isn’t just about checking boxes, it’s about a mental shift that has the power to transform your entire attitude. But how, exactly, does expressing thanks give you peace of mind, especially during a stressful time such as the end of year hustle?


Scientists have shown a strong connection between gratitude and the following:


  • Happiness
  • Better health
  • Lasting relationships
  • Alertness
  • Progress towards personal goals
  • Improved self esteem
  • And better sleep


Who couldn’t use a little more of any one of these this time of year? The best part is that to reap these benefits, it just takes practice. Practicing gratitude, that is. Changing our mindset to focus on those things we’re thankful for puts us in a positive frame of mind. It makes us more likely to connect with ourselves and those around us. So what’s stopping us from all walking around chipper and peaceful after a few “thank you’s”?


Psychologists think that we create barriers to our own gratitude. It can actually be difficult for us to set aside our comparisons, discomfort, and our current financial and social positions for long enough to acknowledge what we have. But like we said before, peace of mind takes practice. Here are a few practical steps you can take to rework your mindset and achieve the gratitude you need to carry you through the season:


  • Look someone in the eye and say “thank you”
  • Challenge your critical inner voice
  • Keep a written journal of things for which you’re thankful
  • Spend time with loved ones
  • Volunteer your time
  • Replace complaints with grateful comments


Giving thanks seems like it should be built into this holiday season, but often folks find themselves too wrapped up in other things to be grateful. The importance of gratitude cannot be understated, though. Scientists and healthcare professionals laud the physical and mental benefits of giving thanks.


In short, give thanks this holiday, and get peace of mind.


One more thing to be thankful for? Eagle Express is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all throughout the holiday season. Whenever a delivery emergency arises that threatens your peace of mind, let our expert team handle it from start to finish. If you simply must remain in-the-know, you can track your items from pick up to drop off thanks to our state of the art GPS and tracking technology.


Contact Eagle Express at 214-351-5777 and find a few more things to be thankful for this holiday.