A Better Way to Get Your High Quality H2O

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, May 23, 2019 @ 05:45 PM

Eagle Express, Delivery Route Couriers
On open reference to 1998’s The Waterboy might lead you to believe this post is comical but you’d be mistaken. In fact, this time of year, high quality H2O is deadly serious.


Just ask any one of our delivery route couriers who are scooting around DFW in blazing summer temperatures, carrying your final mile deliveries up 10 flights of stairs and unloading pallets of fresh produce to your favorite grocery and convenience stores throughout the Metroplex. Sure, properly maintained vehicles and expert training are keys to courier success, but hydration is a close third!


But if you just can’t get behind lugging around a gallon of water every day (which is what many of us require given this Texas weather), you’re in luck.


There’s a better way.


You can increase your water intake throughout the day without making it a painful process. Here are a few tips for ensuring you get your high quality H2O intake without chugging from a fire hose. (Not recommended. Ever.)



Add flavor- If your water tastes a little dull, spice it up! Add some flavor by infusing it with fresh fruits and veggies. Try berries, cucumbers, and mint.

Fruits and veggies count- Speaking of fruits and veggies, did you know that many of them are water-rich as well? Watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, and oranges all have at least 88% water value. These work towards your daily hydration goal, as well.

Change the temperature- Maybe room temperature water tickles your taste buds, or perhaps ice cold water is more your style. Change up the temperature and see what goes down easier.

Indulge in your favorite beverage- The myth that water is the only hydrating liquid is just that- a myth. Your favorite beverages also can be hydrating, but many carry other negative factors. High sugar and calorie contents are never recommended, and caffeine can act like a diuretic, which might actually dehydrate you. So enjoy sparingly.

Associate a glass of water with your breaks- Going to the copy machine? Hitting the mail room? Taking a bathroom break? These are perfect times to have a glass of water. If you pick one activity that you do frequently throughout the day and associate it with a water break, you’ll hydrate without even thinking about it.

Get your workout on- Nothing like a good sweat to make you want to replenish the fluids.

Carry a reusable bottle- Fun colors, insulation, and built in reusable straws make bringing your own container easier and more fun. Fill it up whenever you’re low, and you’ll have water to sip all day long.

Spice up your food- Adding pepper or a little heat to your meals will encourage you to sip more water. Not to mention, spicy foods can ramp up your metabolism. That’s a win-win!

Order water at restaurants- Opting out of paying for soda or other beverages will save you cash and help you hydrate. Sip before your meal comes, and it could even help you feel more satiated without finishing your plate. Leftovers!



There’s a better way to get in your high quality H2O. There’s also a better way to tackle your scheduled routes or scheduled deliveries in DFW.  A professional transportation and logistics provider has the right tools necessary to complete one delivery or one hundred of them. A great courier like Eagle Express offers 24/7 availability, making on-the-go changes or adjustments simple.


So kick back and enjoy that ice cold glass of water, because Eagle Express has got you! With just the right vehicle, a well-trained courier, and a 98% on time rate, we’re your delivery route couriers for the job! Contact us today to get started.