When All Else Fails, DFW Truck Deliveries Succeed

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Mon, Sep 23, 2019 @ 09:59 PM


Eagle Express, DFW Truck Deliveries

Let’s face it. Failure is embarrassing. When your business fails to serve your customers properly, it can be frustrating and awkward. Thankfully, when all else fails, you have someone in your corner. You have the Eagle Express DFW truck deliveries team on your side.

Transportation and logistics in the Metroplex can be a complex task. With hundreds of industries, dozens of highways, one of the busiest international airports in the world and an unpredictable climate, there is a lot of room for failure.


But failure doesn’t have to be accepted. When you have a T&L disaster that creates an epic fail for your organization, there is someone you can call.  When these transportation failures occur, you have an experienced team who is ready to step in and save the day-


When refrigeration fails:

One common issue that arises with temperature controlled items is that their cold storage fails. For example, a power outage that causes a restaurant to move the items in their refrigerators and freezers. Another example is a cold delivery vehicle that breaks down.


When refrigeration fails, you need to move your temperature controlled items FAST to avoid loss and damage. An on demand DFW truck deliveries team can transport your entire load quickly to another location.



When the schedule fails:

Of course, scheduling deliveries in advance is a great way to save money and reduce stress. But when you’re operating a business in DFW, sometimes the schedule fails. You run out of parts too quickly. Customers gobble up your inventory. Or you have an urgent request by a client. When the schedule fails, on demand DFW truck deliveries are here for you.


Eagle Express offers super rush, 45 minute service, as well as 1, 2, 3, and 4 hour deliveries to expedited your deliveries when planning ahead just didn’t work out for you. Our 24/7 customer service means we’re on your schedule. When you need us, we’re here for you.


When vehicles fail:

Let’s say you went with a cut rate courier for your bulk delivery out of town. You saved some cash- good for you- but on the way, the vehicle breaks down because your courier wasn’t committed to preventative maintenance. Oops.


When vehicles from our competitions fail, Eagle Express is here to pick up the pieces…er…pallets. We can pick up your items and move them to our well-maintained and expertly driven trucks to complete your deliveries.


When the best laid plans fail:

In general, when your transportation and logistics plans fail, Eagle Express is here to assist. With a variety of services, urgent and scheduled deliveries, and expertly trained team members in transportation needs like healthcare and food distribution, Eagle Express delivers success when your best laid plans fail.


Hey, nobody’s perfect! But Eagle Express is pretty near perfect. We boast a 98% on time rate with our deliveries. It’s always best to come to Eagle Express first for the best chance of success. But when you make other T&L arrangements, and they just don’t suit your needs, Eagle Express is happy to pick up the slack.


We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Failure is not an option with your DFW trucking deliveries. Let Eagle Express handle them from start to finish. Contact us today