Eagle Express is Your Unicorn Transportation Team in DFW

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, Oct 03, 2019 @ 10:45 PM


Isn’t it great that unicorns are back in style? As a kid, who didn’t dream of a mystical, one-horned winged horse swooping down to the kindergarten blacktop to take you for a ride? (No? Just me?) No matter your childhood fantasies, unicorns are in style because they stand for something unique; a mix between reality and dreams.


As an adult, you’ll be happy to know that unicorns really do exist…in the transportation world. See, Eagle Express is your unicorn transportation team in DFW. We offer the best of real Texas service while fulfilling all the dreams you have for your business’s T&L operations.  Here’s how we bring the unicorn to life:

We’re Fast, Yet Safe

In the delivery business, it’s tough to find a courier that is both fast and focused on safety. Some transportation providers will send just about anyone on the road with your time and temperature sensitive cargo if the need arises. Here at Eagle Express, though, we vet every driver. We hire and train only the best of the best. You can trust that a uniformed Eagle Express driver will quickly, but safely and securely, move your items throughout the Metroplex and beyond. You’ll also be happy to know that our delivery windows are never inflated. We provide customers with honest quotes that we can meet or exceed.


We Carry a Full Suite of Insurance

As delivery professionals, we understand that sometimes the unexpected occurs. Loss or damage of cargo, vehicle accidents, or personal injury- these are all worst-case scenarios, but very well could happen during the delivery process. At Eagle Express, we believe in carrying a full suite of insurance policies from A rated providers in the event that something unexpected should occur. Many couriers won’t commit to this. It’s costly. But at Eagle Express, we find that it’s best to be prepared. Our customers can have confidence that their items are covered from pick up to drop off.


Our Services Are Truly Made to Fit

Like the colors of the rainbow mane of a unicorn, the possibilities with Eagle Express are endless. While we do offer a short list of our services, these aren’t exclusive. If you have a transportation and delivery need, Eagle Express can accommodate. Special services like final mile deliveries or temperature control are available with every delivery. Think your delivery is too unique for our unique team? Call us and see.


Are you looking for your own unicorn on the Metroplex's range of delivery horses? Eagle Express has been in the business for over 35 years. We love to make the delivery magic happen. The best part is, our team is for real. No magical forests necessary. You don’t even have to head over the rainbow to find our unicorn of a transportation team in DFW. Just contact us here on our web page, or call us at 214.351.5777.