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Tue, Sep 10, 2019 @ 12:52 PM

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It’s time to celebrate! This year, Eagle Express is turning 37 years young…mature…experienced…


Ok. Let’s face it. We’re 37 years OLD.


But with age comes a maturity that only an experienced courier in DFW with nearly four decades of service can offer. That amount of time in service to the Metroplex has given us the opportunity to build a reputation with clients across North Texas. In that time, we’ve expanded our services, upgraded our location, and grown in more ways than one- all adding up to higher quality service for our customers.


You know who else is celebrating a milestone this year? The National Football League. Yes, the NFL is kicking off their 100th season. Of course, the NFL hasn’t always been the powerhouse they are today. In fact, they didn’t even start out as the NFL at all.


In 1920 in Canton, Ohio, the American Professional Football Association got its start with just 14 teams. Only one of those teams, the Racine Cardinals, still remains. They, of course, are no longer the Racine Cardinals. The team moved to Arizona in 1988 and are known as the Arizona Cardinals. The Decatur Stanleys, another team from Illinois, moved to Chicago in 1921 and changed their name to the Bears, making them the second longest running team in NFL history.


Many competitors and rival organizations joined the gridiron. The most viable one- the American Football League (AFL)- became a partner in 1970, creating a merged league of 26 teams under the umbrella name of National Football League. Since then, the league has added six new franchises, bringing the total number of teams to 32.


Since 1966, the league has culminated with a 12 team playoff tournament leading up to the championship game- something we wait around all season for- the Super Bowl.  This day is the second largest day in the country for food consumption (second only to Thanksgiving). Which is great for folks like our food distribution couriers, as we’re the ones who make the moves to ensure your favorite Super Bowl snacks are stocked and ready to purchase at your local grocery and convenience stores.


Believe it or not, football season hasn’t always been a disappointment for our Dallas Cowboys. In fact, they hold the second place record for most Super Bowl wins. The Cowboys and the 49ers each have five wins. The Patriots and the Steelers hold the first place record at six apiece.


In celebration of 100 years of the NFL, here are 10 fun facts about the league that hosts our favorite team:


  1. The Arizona Cardinals had the longest post season victory drought in NFL history- 1947- 1988.
  2. While NFL games are typically reserved for Sunday and Thursday, there has been an NFL game played on every day of the week. The one Tuesday game was played dy to a blizzard, and the one Wednesday game was moved due to a political convention. Friday games are either Christmas or New Years related.
  3. The New Orleans Saints took 32 years to win their first playoff game.
  4. Both the NFL and the Chicago Bears were renamed on the same day- June 24.1922.
  5. Only 55 player save played an NFL game in their 40s. Forty-one of those were kickers, punters, or quarterbacks.
  6. The Chicago Bears have the most retired numbers in the league (13).
  7. In 1993, Emmitt Smith held out of the first two games due to contract disputes. He still on the rushing title. (Go Cowboys!)
  8. Steve Young is the only left handed quarterback in the Hall of Fame.
  9. The Super Bowl is generally held in a place with warm weather or a covered stadium. That didn’t work out in Super Bowl 51. The weather on the field was 39 degrees. It didn’t matter- the Cowboys won their first Super Bowl.
  10. Football surpassed baseball as America’s favorite sport in 1965.



If you’re a fan of the pros, you’ll love the pros at Eagle Express! Our team is expertly selected based on experience, training, and professionalism. We hire and train only the highest grade drivers, and equip them with state of the art technology and diligently maintained fleet. We’re confident that you’ll find all-star service when you hire Eagle Express for your next scheduled or urgent delivery.


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