Transform Your Favorite Dinnertime Guilty Pleasure

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Sat, Feb 22, 2020 @ 04:06 PM

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As we ponder a healthy start to the new year, your new, improved menu probably doesn’t include pasta. Unless, of course, it’s part of your cheat meal. But our food transportation couriers have good news to deliver. Pasta doesn’t have to be resigned to the no-no list.


In fact, pasta can be a part of the well-balanced diet that you’ve been working towards in the New Year. You just might need to make a few slight changes to your regularly enjoyed carbohydrate.


Start with these:


Get Sauced

Not that kind of sauced! Your sauce can make a huge difference in the nutritional value of your pasta. In fact, the sauce is a perfect place to sneak in some additional veggies. Purees like pumpkin, squash, and beet can easily be snuck into sauce. You can also add chopped veggies to your pasta. This will be more filling and still as delicious.


Red sauce is also a better idea than cream sauce. White sauces are made from butter, cream, and cheese. While these are delicious, they are the opposite of nutritious. Red sauce is at least based with tomatoes, which are rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells against damage.


You also should consider skipping jarred sauce. This often means preservatives and added sugar. Commit one Sunday to making a large pot of sauce. It will stay in frozen portions in the freezer for at least six months.


Swap Your Noodles

White bread, white pasta, white sugar. In general, lack of color means lack of nutrition. The easiest way to healthify your pasta is to swap the noodle. You have a few options, but here are some of our favorites:


  • Whole grain noodles
  • Spaghetti squash
  • Zucchini noodles
  • Shirataki (tofu) noodles


Add Some Protein

One way to balance out that blood sugar spike is with protein. It will level out your sugars and help you feel fuller faster. This means you’ll be less tempted to overindulge. Protein will also keep you fuller for longer. You won’t be going back for seconds an hour later.


Watch Your Portions

If you simply cannot fathom giving up your go-to, white sauce, white noodle spaghetti dish, just watch your serving size. A normal serving is one ounce of dry noodles, two ounces of cooked noodles. This comes out to about one cup of cooked pasta. How this looks will differ depending on your type of noodle.


For a good starting point, use an actual measuring cup or food scale and measure out your pasta. You’ll likely be surprised about what one serving truly looks like! This will give you a baseline for the next time pasta is on your menu.



Just a few small changes can transform your favorite pasta dish from guilty to guiltless. Speaking of change, the same goes for your food distribution deliveries. Small changes to your regular transportation and logistics plan can make a big difference in your business operations.


Our food transportation couriers are the best advisors when it comes to changing up your food and beverage deliveries. For nearly four decades, Eagle Express food couriers have been transporting catered creations, baked goods, and restaurant staples across the DFW Metroplex, and even across the country.


If your business is ready for a change, or even if you’re just considering one, contact Eagle Express. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your urgent and scheduled food and beverage needs. Our couriers are trained and certified in FDA standards as well as licensed to carry alcohol in the state of Texas. Additionally, our warehouse is FDA certified and offers temperature control, just in case your items need to hang out for a while.


See what positive changes Eagle Express can make for your business. We’re sure our food transportation couriers will have you shouting “Fantasico!”