From Beauty to Biotech, Reefer Vans in DFW are Here For It

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, Aug 22, 2019 @ 05:27 PM

Eagle Express, Reefer Vans in DFW

Reefer vans in DFW aren’t just an option here in North Texas, most days they’re a necessity. Whether it’s battling freezing cold sleet in the winter, or blazing hot and humid days in the summer, keeping your goods stable for the duration of their journey requires training and tools found in a great courier with a professional delivery driver.


Refrigerated vans, or reefer vans, are one of the most economical and trustworthy ways to move your temperature sensitive goods. Some delivery companies, though, don’t have this type of vehicle in their fleet. They might rely on special packing material, dry ice, or ice blocks to keep your goods cold for transport. The problem with these methods, though, is that they aren’t exact. They’re not making use of state of the art technology that is available to the transportation world that allows your courier to keep your goods at a specific temperature or range of temperatures for a quick one hour delivery or an out of town cross-country move.


Thankfully, Eagle Express is committed to maintaining our fleet, to include tech-equipped reefer vans. They’re quite a diverse choice for clients. Here are a few of the ways to put our reefer vans in DFW to good use.


Beauty products

Ever felt like your makeup was melting off your face in the Texas sun? Guess what? It can! Cosmetics need to be transported at controlled temperatures to avoid overheating and spoiling or melting. They also can’t be kept too cold. If products get too cold, condensation occurs. This makes the items lose moisture, which can damage their efficacy.


In short, your beauty products are as dainty as the face they’re applied to. Which makes a reefer van their go-to travel method.



Combining the healthcare industry with science makes for an ultrasensitive delivery that requires specific training in the areas of HIPAA, OSHA, and HazMat. These items are also generally temperature sensitive, either requiring refrigeration or frozen states.


Here in Texas, we also dabble in agricultural biotechnology. We use biotech to produce larger yields, and we use it to keep our cash crops abundant by studying and identifying the genes in plants that give them a growth advantage.



Food and beverages

Frozen and refrigerated foods and produce are certainly at home in refrigerated vehicles, but it takes a specially trained and licensed driver to move alcoholic beverages. Beer, wine, and spirits require temperature control to preserve taste, but your courier of choice must be licensed under the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in order to transport these items. Thankfully, Eagle Express offers licensed and trained drivers as well as vehicles to complete the transport safely and legally.


Artwork and antiques

Folks who collect and preserve artwork and antiques do so with the intent of holding on to them for a long time. Temperature control is vital to this type of preservation. Extreme heat or humidity can damage or devalue your items. It can cause wood to warp, canvas to shrink, and the medium to fade. Storing and moving items with temperature control is incredibly important to those who collect artwork and antiques.


Reefer vans in DFW have a variety of uses that businesses throughout the Metroplex can rely on. But if you need something just a little bigger and have a larger transportation budget, consider refrigerated straight trucks for your job.


While reefer vans are more economical, can fit in most downtown parking spots, and can maintain strict temperature control, a refrigerated straight truck can take it up a notch. Straight trucks can move larger products and more of them. Straight trucks can also maintain dual and tri temperature control. Thankfully, refrigerated straight trucks are still operated by expert Eagle Express staff and drivers.


No matter what business you’re in, Eagle Express has the right refrigerated vehicle for you. Contact us today to get your time and temperature sensitive goods moving