Here’s Why Trust in Your Same Day Delivery Provider is Essential

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Mon, Jul 01, 2019 @ 06:42 PM

Eagle Express, Same Day Delivery Provider

Same day deliveries are used for a variety of industries here in the Metroplex. While the products out for delivery differ, there is a common denominator: a quality courier.


When you have important items to move, you need a courier you can trust. Without that component, you are left wondering about the state of your items, cleaning up the messes of an incompetent delivery team, or, worse, losing customers or even putting lives at risk!


For your time sensitive deliveries, you need a team you can trust, above everything else. Here’s why:


It’s in the Details

Oftentimes, those important deliveries come with more than a few stipulations. The success of your delivery lies in the details. Sometimes that includes temperature control. Food deliveries, for example, require ambient, frozen, and refrigerated temperatures, depending on which items are being moved. Medical deliveries also require strict temperature control in order to keep specimens, samples, and organs viable.


Other specific delivery instructions might include drop off location, delivery windows, or special care with handling. You have to be able to relay the details to your courier and trust that they will comply with your instructions.


Training is Essential

Are you confident in your courier’s skills? For your delivery team to be trustworthy, they need two-part training. The first piece of the puzzle is formal training. A well rounded courier is trained in the following ways and more:


  • OSHA
  • HazMat
  • Food transportation
  • FDA
  • Commercial driving
  • And more


Formal training is essential, as it keeps your courier up to date and legal to transport a variety of items. However, it’s also vital that your courier has experience. This type of training comes from years in the transportation and logistics business. For example, Eagle Express has over 37 years of experience in serving the Metroplex in all areas of T&L.


Timeliness Ensures Your Deliveries Arrive on Time

With time sensitive deliveries, every minute counts. When you have a delivery that needs to arrive within the hour, a five hour or even a two hour delivery just won’t cut it. A courier like Eagle Express can offer a variety of delivery times, from traditional same day or overnight, 4-hour, 3-hour, 2-hour, 1-hour, or super rush 45 minutes.


Your customers trust that their items will arrive on time. Sometimes this is just a matter of preference: your customers are only in the office for a few hours. Other times it’s a matter of need, as in an urgent delivery of fresh food to a restaurant. There are instances, though, when timeliness means life or death, as is the case with medical deliveries. Antidotes, organs, and blood need to arrive exactly when they’re expected and needed. You need to trust that your courier of choice can provide accurate quotes and follow through on their specified delivery times.


Technology for the Assist

Your couriers should be people you trust, but something that helps your team do their job well is state of the art technology. Tracking and monitoring systems keep you in-the-know from the moment your items leave their departure zone. Real time updates, signature capture, and even photo delivery are all ways technology assists your courier in doing their job.


Advanced technology also keeps couriers on the right track- literally. DFW traffic and construction can be a real pain, but GPS and knowledgeable departures and drivers keep your items moving in the right direction to avoid these delays.


Who can you trust in the DFW courier world with your same day deliveries? Eagle Express, for sure. With over three decades of experience and a commitment to serve you with honesty and integrity, there’s no team more trustworthy than Eagle Express.


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