How to Guarantee the Success of Your Medical Deliveries in DFW

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Fri, Jun 21, 2019 @ 09:31 PM


Medical deliveries in DFW are a complex task. As you send off your fragile and sensitive healthcare items, specimens, and organs, you want to know that they will arrive in excellent condition and on time. How can you guarantee this? The truth is, you can’t, but a great courier can take precautions to set your medical delivery up for success.

Here are a few of the steps your transportation team will take to ensure the success of your medical deliveries in DFW:



Before your courier ever handles your medical delivery, they have to go through proper training and certification. This includes HIPAA, OSHA, and HazMat training. Following these regulations is vital to the safety and privacy of patients and the viability of the specimens the couriers carry.


Through this training, couriers learn how to properly handle sensitive cargo and how to prevent serious situations that can occur from mishandled biohazardous materials. All of this has to be done while caring for the confidentiality of the patients who will ultimately benefit from this cargo.



You might not consider technology to be an important piece of the medical delivery puzzle, but technology helps your courier move your medical items quickly and accurately. State of the art GPS allows the delivery team to bypass traffic concerns or navigate tough one-way-roads in downtown. Top of the line inventory management software, as used at our Eagle Express warehouse, helps your courier keep your items in stock and inventory accurate. Tracking your medical deliveries is also important, as many times these items are considered STAT or urgent. Knowing where your delivery is at all times makes it easier to prep patients for surgery or provide lifesaving treatments as needed.


Vehicle Maintenance

An easy way to ensure your medical deliveries in DFW make it to their destinations on time is to keep the fleet of vehicles ready to go at all times. From refrigerated straight trucks and vans to flatbeds and sprinter vans, having the right vehicle ready to go makes your courier more dependable. Proper preventative maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns and unavailability. It can be a costly commitment for a transportation provider, but it is worth it if it means successful deliveries and happy customers.


Temperature Control

Most medical specimens require special care, including temperature control. Blood and specimens, for example must be kept at specific cool temperatures in order to remain viable for the patient. Failure to adhere to strict temperature control could mean unusable items and costly consequences for waiting patients.


Couriers who commit to keeping proper temperature control methods can ensure that medical specimens arrive in excellent condition. They can ensure the cargo won’t become damaged or unstable from improper temperature control. 


Quality Team Members

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, couriers who want to ensure the success of your medical deliveries in DFW will select and train quality team members to complete the job. A courier like Eagle Express exclusively hires team members with excellent driving records, proper certification, and a commitment to honesty and integrity in their actions. Our couriers understand the importance of both speed and safety; we’ll never compromise one for the other.


We believe the success of your delivery is impossible if it isn’t in the hands of quality professionals. Here at Eagle Express, we’ve been committed to hiring and training only the best for over 37 years. Throughout those decades of service, we’ve remained committed to honest business practices and handling your deliveries with integrity.


Medical deliveries in DFW are not simple, but hiring the right team is. Call Eagle Express anytime of day or night to schedule your next routine or urgent healthcare delivery.