If You Need to Move These Items, You Need a Dallas Critical Delivery

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Sun, Mar 22, 2020 @ 12:46 PM


With a great courier in DFW, you have so many options. (If you don’t, it’s time to move on!) How can you even know which transportation service is right for your business?


Thankfully, our Eagle Express team has nearly 40 years of experience assisting our clients in selecting the perfect service to meet their needs. If there’s ever a question, one of our honest, experienced professionals can give you all the facts and work with you to find the perfect service for your items.


As a general rule, though, some items just need a critical delivery. If you’re part of an organization that moves any one of these items, a Dallas critical delivery service is most likely your best bet:


Sensitive materials-

Whether the items are healthcare related, contain personal information, or involve hazardous materials, a critical delivery is the right service for sensitive materials. Our couriers are trained to handle all items with care, but when those items that require a little extra TLC, they need to move with the critical label. Drivers and handlers are trained in HIPAA, OSHA, and HazMat regulations, and you can rest easy knowing that your cargo stays in the hands of our Eagle Express team from start to finish. No hand offs, ever.


Temperature specific items-

When you have food items or medical specimens that require a specific temperature or range of temperatures, you don’t have time for them to move slowly. In order to retain their efficacy or potency, these items need to move quickly and be stored properly. That’s where a Dallas critical delivery comes in handy. Sometimes your temperature sensitive items can move in as little as 45 minutes. Our temperature controlled straight trucks and vans have the ability to hold not one, but three specific temperatures for your mixed loads, and they never leave the possession of our trained team members.


Live animals-

An often forgotten, but still important fact is that couriers in DFW transport live animals, too. Moving animals from ranches, commercial, or residential locations requires a critical delivery. After all, you wouldn’t want a live animal shipment of tarantulas to be in a temperature controlled van any longer than they have to be!


Priceless items-

Invaluable artwork, items for auction, or antiques are best transported as a Dallas critical delivery. Our couriers can arrive on location, package, and transport your items to a dedicated vehicle. You’ll be able to track your delivery while it’s in route, and we even offer white glove services that include setting up your items and disposing of the packing material upon delivery.


Here’s the part nobody likes to talk about, but it’s an incredibly vital piece of information to gather prior to shipping. Of course, we always plan and train for a smooth ride, but if an unforeseen event were to occur, our couriers are backed by A rated insurance providers and carry a full suite of insurance. We’re responsibly covered for every event including theft, loss or damage to cargo, or personal injury.


Time sensitive documents-

Court documents, loan papers, and even financial statements are pieces of information that aren’t large, but retain a high level of sensitivity. Items like this also need a Dallas critical delivery team. When you transport sensitive documents, you need to be able to trust the courier who is handling your paperwork. You need to know it will arrive on time, in the right hands, and remain sealed as to protect the sensitive information inside. Eagle Express can deliver on that promise.


Dallas critical delivery isn’t for everyone. In fact, selecting a different service can save you quite a bit of money! But there are some items, like those listed here, that definitely require that critical status. Thankfully, our Eagle Express team can help you sort out the details. Call us any time of day or night, and we’ll help you select the right service to meet your unique needs.