Is It Too Much to Ask for THESE Things with Your Expedited Delivery?

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Mon, Feb 17, 2020 @ 04:23 PM

Dallas Courier, Expedited Delivery

When you have items that require shipping on a short notice, it might make sense to settle for the first courier that claims to have availability. After all, you’re the one with an immediate delivery need. You can’t be too picky, right? You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit. (Am I the only one who repeats that phrase to full grown adults?)


Good thing for you- this is entirely untrue. As a paying customer, you are entitled to fabulous customer service. That’s not too much to ask. And neither are these points of service:


A human’s voice. Seems basic, doesn’t it. But when you have an expedited delivery need during off-hours, like weekends or holidays, you deserve to speak to a human to schedule your service.  No phone trees. No internet contact forms. No robotic answering service. A real human with real answers representing your delivery team.


A uniformed, friendly, professional courier. When you’re put in the position where you have to find someone to move your items last minute, you might be tempted to utilize whoever you have on hand. But your clients deserve better. You and your customers deserve a friendly professional with a uniform and identification. That provides peace of mind to your customers and also makes a great impression on your business.


An on time delivery. Your last minute delivery items are moving quickly because they’re important. Whether they’re lifesaving medical items or essential pieces of evidence at a trial, they’re vital to your organization, and you don’t have time to wait for delivery. Even ASAP deliveries should come with a delivery window, and your driver should accurately meet that window. It’s not too much to ask for your driver to be there when they say they will be.


Confirmation of your delivery. If you’re on the other end of a delivery, it’s also important to know when your customers receive their order. You should be able to track your expedited delivery from start to finish. When you’re paying for an urgent item to move quickly, confirmation of your delivery is not too much to ask.


A little TLC. Fast doesn’t have to be furious. Items that require an expedited delivery, often need a little extra care. Whether that’s temperature control or special packing,  set up and packaging disposal, or other white glove services, a little TLC isn’t too much to ask for. Requiring speedy service doesn’t exclude you from special handling. Here at Eagle Express we can accommodate your quick shipping needs and the special care of your items. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.


Eagle Express has been serving the DFW Metroplex for nearly 40 years. Our mission is to provide our clients with stellar service, whether they require 45 minute shipping, four hour delivery, or long distance services.   You can count on top-notch customer service with every Eagle Express delivery.


As a customer of Eagle Express, you deserve excellence, and we’re certain that’s what you’ll get with our delivery team. Great service from qualified professionals, every time – that’s not too much to ask for.


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