Happiness is Closer Than You Think

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Fri, Feb 08, 2019 @ 06:52 PM

Eagle Express, Medical Delivery Courier“Kids! Quit playing outside and get inside and watch some TV!” – Said No Parent Ever.


When we were kids, playing outdoors was not a recommendation, it was a mandate. Get outside. Do not come inside until you’re called for dinner. Try not to rip holes in your new jeans. (I always ripped holes in my new jeans.) Those were some happy days!


Research shows, though, that the childhood happiness we experienced can and should be repeated with one simple move: getting outdoors. Your number one medical delivery courier Eagle Express delivers the details below.


It’s free, fast, and accessible from virtually anywhere, the great outdoors just might hold the key to happiness for many Americans who find themselves stuck inside for too many hours of the day.


Nearly 25% of Americans spend 24 hours a day inside without ever going outdoors. Thanks to recent adoptions of work-from-home and mobile offices, some folks get out of bed in the morning, saunter down to their in-home office, and then relax after hours without ever stepping foot in the sunlight.


Those of us who do go outside, at least to get to and from work or school, will spend 93% of our lives indoors. Healthcare experts are quick to tell us that we’re missing out when we don’t get out.


The great outdoors hosts many benefits for humans. Here are just a few of them:



This is the most essential benefit to getting outdoors. For starters, sunlight helps regulate our circadian rhythm. It’s what tells us it’s time to go to sleep or it’s time to be awake. It can energize us, and wake us up, especially if we soak up the sun first thing in the morning. Not only does it wake you up mentally, sunlight can also give you energy. Light stimulates chemicals in the brain that improve mood and increase motivation.


Sunlight also is essential for the body’s production of Vitamin D. When exposed to the sunlight, human skin can create Vitamin D in a matter of minutes. However, 40% of us don’t get enough Vitamin D thanks to our indoor lifestyle.



A love of the great outdoors is also linked to higher levels of physical activity. As we all know, we should be getting around 150 minutes of aerobic activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week. Taking that activity outdoors multiplies the benefits of exercise.


Those who took a hike outdoors reported feeling less depressed 71% of the time. Outdoor exercise is often more rigorous, as you have to deal with the elements of weather and ground inconsistency. Outdoor exercise also exposes you to clean air, with fewer germs than your sweaty weight room that may or may not be cleaned consistently.


Outdoor exercise also stimulates your mind. The changing scenery and the brain power it takes to process the sensory experiences is good for exercising your mind.



Mental and Physical Boost

Studies show that respondents felt more alive after spending just 20 minutes outdoors. Participants who felt they had a connection to nature reported feeling happier than those who stayed indoors. 69% of people who spent time doing something outdoors such as gardening or environmental work felt an increased sense of well-being.


Upon observing nature, the human body produces lower levels of proinflammatory cytokines, meaning the body has a greater response to fighting off infection, increased immunity, and reduced inflammation.



In short, if you want to be happier, try a free, fast, outdoor excursion! It’s good for your mind and body.


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