No Tricks, Just Treats for Fido This Halloween

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Tue, Oct 22, 2019 @ 02:22 PM


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If you had to rank holidays from the least fun to the most fun, Halloween is definitely near the top of the list. It most certainly beats out snooze-fests like Columbus Day, but doesn’t quite hit the caliber of the 4th of July. (I mean, if there were fireworks, maybe…)


But Halloween isn’t a super fun time for everyone in your house. For pets, Halloween can be downright frightening. Like the feeling you get when you realize your specialty delivery in Dallas isn’t going to make it to its destination on time because you hired a cut rate delivery team 🙄, or the feeling you get when you realize there are only Dots and Tootsie Rolls left in your kid’s treat bag 🙄🙄. Halloween can be a real bummer for our furry friends.


Our couriers are delivering good news, though! Truth be told, they’re delivering everything. From healthcare specimens to antiques and every other specialty delivery in Dallas and Fort Worth, Eagle Express delivers it all! Today, we’ve got the scoop on how to keep Halloween less spooky for your animals.


  • Maybe skip the costume: I’ll admit, there’s nothing funnier than a pug dressed as a taco, but if your animal isn’t used to being dressed up, it might cause undue stress. If your animal is cool with being dressed up, ensure the costume has room to move and breathe, and doesn’t have any loose parts that can get caught or present a choking hazard.
  • Give them some ID: Halloween is one night of the year when your door is open and closed hundreds of times. This leaves lots of opportunities for pets to bolt- even if this behavior is not common for them. Make sure your animals are vaccinated, chipped, and have a collar with up to date information.
  • Treat them to their own treats: As we all know, chocolate can be fatal to dogs. Keep them away from the candy stash! If you want to treat your pet, go with real animal treats or people food that’s safe for dogs- like apples, peanut butter, and air popped popcorn.
  • Watch the pumpkins: Lit Jack-o-lanterns can pique curiosity, but can be dangerous for animals. They can burn themselves or even set other things on fire. Talk about scary! To be safe, go with battery lit “candles”, but keep pets away from them all the same.
  • Keep pets inside: The best place for your animal on Halloween night isn’t by your side trick or treating, or on your couch waiting for the doorbell. Keep pets inside, and away from the open door. They will feel safe this way, and you don’t have to worry about any accidental incidents with unfamiliar children who might get handsy with your pets.
  • Consider your decorative choices: Pets can easily electrocute themselves on exposed wires that are attached to your blowup ghost or purple light strings. Pumpkin and corn displays can also cause stomach issues or become choking hazards. Keep all decorations high up or away from your pets to minimize risk.


Halloween doesn’t have to be a ghastly experience for you and your pets. Stick with these tips and keep your animals safe and sound while you have a spooktacular holiday.


Speaking of holidays, don’t forget that Eagle Express has couriers available any time of day or night, on weekends, holidays, and every day in between. If you have a last minute or scheduled delivery to make this holiday season, let our expert delivery team handle it for you. No matter what type of items you have for transport, Eagle Express has the right vehicle and driver to accommodate. Your specialty delivery in Dallas in great hands with our experienced professionals.


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