The Dreamy Secret to a Successful Holiday

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Mon, Nov 18, 2019 @ 09:14 PM

Eagle Express, Overnight DFW Deliveries

As you begin to prepare mentally, logistically, and financially for the holiday season, you might become overwhelmed. It’s a common feeling this time of year. Stress over budgets, work schedules, and family visits can turn any Cindy Loo Who into The Grinch before you can say “Christmas cookie”.


What’s the secret to making the holiday season a success? The answer is simple. More sleep.


Our Eagle Express team has been a proponent of more sleep for our customers for nearly four decades. We’ve been making your overnight DFW deliveries so you can rest your heads, stress free, knowing your items will arrive in your customers’ hands in the morning. Consider us to be your North Texas Santa, working throughout the night, delivering joy, cheer, and medical lab specimens under the starry night!


Why do we offer overnight DFW deliveries? And why should you take advantage of them this holiday season? Because sleep is vital to the success of your holidays.



Barriers to Sleep

There are physical and emotional barriers to sleep during the holidays. Physical barriers include travel, house guests, late night events, and even simple things like having the room too warm. Our diets also take a beating during the holidays. Hearty, heavy meals late in the day, or too many sweet treats can make bedtime next to impossible.


Perhaps the more troublesome sleep barriers aren’t physical, though, they’re emotional. Whether it’s stress or excitement, the holidays can elicit all kinds of emotions that affect your sleep patterns. Overexerting yourself with too many activities, or participating in particularly stressful events like family get-togethers or last minute shopping can throw off our ability to relax our minds and our bodies for rest.



Why It’s So Important

The importance of sleep cannot be understated. Your body literally needs it in order to function. Proper sleep leads to better interpersonal interactions and work performance. In short- it just makes you a nicer person to be around!


Getting the right amount of sleep also helps us make wise healthcare choices. Folks who sleep the correct amount, 7-9 hours, lower their risk for obesity and diabetes. Proper sleep also boosts our immune system, helping us to fight off those nasty cold and flu viruses that float around this time of year.




How to Get Better Rest

Experts suggest that keeping your routine as normal as possible, going to bed at the same time, sleeping in your own bed, and keeping the room between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit are ways to reduce those physical barriers to sleep.


As for the mental barriers, finding ways to relieve stress will give you the greatest success. Thanks to some beautiful weather DFW has delivered these past several weeks, you have a number of options, including:


  • Enjoying the outdoors
  • Getting your daily dose of sunshine
  • Exercising regularly
  • Eating properly


You also want to keep your own health in focus this season. That might mean learning to say “no”. Pick and choose the holiday activities that mean the most to you, and skip those that you could do without. If family gatherings make you batty, limit your time together, or find an activity you can all enjoy, like taking a Christmas light tour of your neighborhood.


Improving your holiday season might be as simple as focusing on your sleep. Get a little more of it this year by hiring our Eagle Express team to carry out your overnight DFW deliveries. We’ll do the late work; you’ll hit the sack, with sweet dreams of successful T&L operations.


Reduce your stress and save a little Christmas cash by contacting our Eagle Express team today!