Separating Facts from Myths about Medical Delivery in the Metroplex

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, Jan 30, 2020 @ 05:16 PM

Eagle Express, Medical Delivery in the Metroplex

Healthcare in DFW is a billion dollar business. To be more specific, it’s a $52 billion business. In short: healthcare is BIG business. With such an important role in the North Texas economy, there’s no time or room for error. That’s why it’s important to get the facts straight.


While our Eagle Express team can’t attest to the fine points of medical care or research, we can provide some myth busting facts on medical delivery in the Metroplex. Take notes!


Myth: Anyone can transport medical deliveries.

Fact: Medical transportation requires special training and tools.


These days, it doesn’t take much to consider oneself a “delivery driver”. There’s an app for everything! But when it comes to medical delivery in the Metroplex, or anywhere in the United States, for that matter, medical deliveries require special training and tools. Not just anyone can transport healthcare items.


In order to move patient information, prescriptions, vaccines, and other medical related items, couriers must be trained in the areas of HIPAA, OSHA, HazMat, and FDA regulations. Not only is it preferential to have special tools and training for Metroplex medical deliveries, it’s the law. Failure to adhere to these strict regulations could result in hefty fines, or even imprisonment!


Myth: Medical deliveries include only specimens.

Fact: Medical deliveries include just about anything required in the medical field.


When one considers medical deliveries, the first things that come to mind are medications and lab specimens. It’s true. We deliver those. But what about lab test results, patient files, and X-ray film? What about office furniture, technology, and those convenient boxes of different sizes of examination gloves? Medical deliveries can include anything that is used by providers or patients in the healthcare industry. We don’t box in deliveries. (Literally. Sometimes they’re too large to put in a box.)


Myth: Medical transportation only includes the Metroplex.

Fact: Long distance medical transportation is available.


Don’t get us wrong, Eagle Express loves serving the DFW Metroplex. We’ve been doing so for nearly four decades now. Many of our medical deliveries are complete within the Metroplex, but not all of them. Super rush medical deliveries are limited to in-town destinations, but expedited shipping is still an option for out of town destinations. Long distance transportation to and from cities throughout Texas and throughout the country is a service Eagle Express can offer to clients, as well. While we can’t move your items in 45 minutes, we can offer a dedicated driver that will transport your cargo ASAP, with no handoffs.


Myth: Medical transportation requires extensive planning.

Fact: Medical couriers are prepared to move 24/7.


There are some truths to this myth. Planning your medical transportation in advance saves time, money, and stress. It also guarantees your items arrive when you want them to, with no wait time. But Eagle Express knows that the medical world doesn’t always operate on a given schedule. Emergencies arise that require immediate transportation. That’s why our medical couriers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Doctors and hospitals don’t close, and neither does Eagle Express.


The process of medical delivery in the Metroplex is complex, but it doesn’t have to be confusing. With the right delivery team, your healthcare deliveries are simple. Just contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest. THAT’S a fact!