Toss Out The Menu, Your Special Requests Are No Problem

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, Jun 13, 2019 @ 05:00 PM

Eagle Express, Special Delivery

Imagine walking into your favorite burger joint and ordering your guilty pleasure just how you like it, only to be told, “Sorry, we only serve items exactly as shown on the menu.”


What alternate universe would we be living in?


Of course, we know that we can order our meal to our liking. No pickles? Lunacy, but sure! Hold the bun? Low-carb, we like it! Double the meat? More miles to run, but why not?!


If your local fast food joint can cater to your needs, shouldn’t your delivery team be able to do the same? If you have a special delivery request, it’s no problem for a team like Eagle Express.

Unique Items Have Unique Needs


No two organizations in DFW offer exactly the same services, which means every customer’s transportation needs are going to differ. Couriers in Dallas can accommodate all types of deliveries including:



A courier with experience across the board has the right certifications, licensure, and vehicles to accommodate all types of items.


Speed and Distance Matter


Not only do the items themselves differ, but their methods of transport differ, as well. Sometimes deliveries need to move quickly, within the hour. Other times, a more economical same day delivery does the job. Distance is another factor. Moving outside of city lines requires more time. While out of town deliveries do take longer, there are options to move them as quickly as possible with a dedicated vehicle that won’t stop for consolidating loads or get handed off to a third party.


Frequent Deliveries or One Time Emergencies


Here at Eagle Express, we treat all customers as family. That means you’re getting great service whether you need a scheduled route four days a week, or you have a one-time urgent delivery request. Scheduling your deliveries in advance, when possible, can save you stress and money. There are times, though, when delivery emergencies occur. Murphy’s Law says that will happen on a holiday weekend, at 3 in the morning. That’s ok, though. A 24/7 courier like Eagle Express can meet your needs anytime of day or night for a scheduled delivery or an urgent one.


White Glove and Off the Menu Services Get You What You Need


Still not impressed? Have a delivery request that we haven’t yet touched on? Chances are, we can still help. While we provide you with an extensive list of services we offer and products we generally deliver, we also accommodate off the menu items and offer a few extra bonus services, as well. Our white glove services include, but aren’t limited to, moving items to their final location inside the building, set up, and disposal of packaging. Just because your request didn’t make the list doesn’t mean we can’t accommodate. We’ll work with you to get you exactly what you need.


In short, the best couriers in Dallas can offer you the exact service you need to fill the gaps in your transportation and logistics supply chain. But what about those times when you don’t even know what you need?


Have you ever walked into a restaurant, taken a look at the menu, and still wondered what you were going to order? For those times you just can’t make up your mind, or you don’t even know which T&L services would work best, you can consult the experts.


With over 37 years of transportation and logistics experience, Eagle Express can offer an educated and honest opinion on your delivery needs any time of day or night. That’s because we’re always on call. When you contact Eagle, you’re treated to a live member if our team, no matter when your transportation questions arise.


Whether you’re sure of your delivery needs or completely clueless, our Eagle Express team can guarantee 100% satisfaction with whatever services you decide to utilize. Contact us today to get started!