The Best Advice You’ll Hear About STAT Medical Deliveries

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, May 30, 2019 @ 07:27 PM

Eagle Express, STAT Medical Deliveries

When you need sound advice about important processes like medical transportation, you need to hear it from the experts. Blood donations, transplant organs, and medical specimens are too sensitive to settle for “pretty good” tips.


If you’re in the healthcare industry in DFW, and you require STAT medical deliveries several times a day, week, or month, you need expert advice on how to select the best service and manage those deliveries. The experts at Eagle Express are here to help.


Medical deliveries in Dallas are a service we’ve been offering our customers for over 37 years. That’s a lot of time to distinguish between good advice and the best advice. Here are the best tips we pass along to customers in need of STAT medical deliveries in DFW:


  • Training is not an option- STAT medical deliveries should only be transported by a trained professional. Certifications and compliance in HIPAA and OSHA requirements ensure your courier knows how to handle your ultra-sensitive materials. This isn’t a suggestion; it’s the law. Failure to comply to federal regulations regarding medical transportation and patient information can result in fines and even imprisonment!
  • Consider the fleet options- Sure, your deliveries are STAT. That means they need to move quickly and safely. But what if you have temperature sensitive STAT deliveries? Or a whole truckload of STAT items? Find a courier who can offer you a variety of fleet with capabilities to handle your oversized or temperature sensitive items. Forget keeping multiple different delivery companies on hand for your varying delivery needs. Make it a one stop shop when you select a delivery partner.
  • Technology- You might not consider technology to be an important tool in your STAT medical delivery process, but it most certainly is. With urgent deliveries, clients need to know where their items are at all times during the delivery process. Pickup and delivery stamps are important, sure, but a digital track of where your item is at as it travels is even better. You deserve to know the status of your urgent delivery to better serve your clients. Oftentimes, an on time STAT medical delivery is the difference between life and death.
  • Inquire about insurance- This might be the most important piece of advice you’ll hear about any delivery. Before handing over your STAT medical deliveries, make sure your courier is bonded and insured with a suite of coverage from A-rated insurers. This isn’t extraneous information. It’s important decision-making information that should assist you in selecting the right transportation team. Couriers who are properly insured stand by their work, and are able to provide reparations in the event of an unforeseen error in delivery.


The medical field is one of the most impressive industries that you can find in North Texas. Everyday heroes work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve the over seven million patients who require urgent and preventative healthcare. Eagle Express is happy to support our medical professionals and medical centers by offering extensive services at any time of day or night.


Make the most informed choice before scheduling your next STAT medical delivery. You can't do better than the team at Eagle Express. With refrigerated and dry deliveries, urgent and scheduled transportation, and extensively trained operators, our Eagle team can handle any and all of your deliveries within and outside of DFW. Contact us today!